Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Meet The Parents Session: 1

Yes, the inevitable has already happened.

The love has finally met the parents. He was no doubt a bundle of nerves.

I think i handled it well. I think he handled it well.

My father was the really chatty one.

He practically bombarded the love with 1001 questions.

I must say, he was really well prepared. Thank God.

The perks of having an experienced boyfriend in a meet-the-parents session

Not much comment after the whole event. But i am sure they're going to talk about it the next 3 days, now that my grandma is in town.

I wonder how that will turn out.

I am going to get my grandparents to come down to KL over the weekend. There's lots to do. So many activities this Convest '06.

I hope it wont be a disappointment like the previous year's fiesta.

Now, i better get back to work.