Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Well Deserved Break?

Yahooooooo, its the mid-term break, oh well, even if it only lasts till the 6th of Sept, i am truly thankful for its presence.

I am behind on my schoolwork.

Yes, this time its very behind.

I mean the school work.

Not my behind.

I'm worn out, even though i don't have that many late afternoon classes at all this september i mean semester and the fact that i spend a lot of time in my room instead of the library.

I'm afraid that if i do go to the library, my eyes will wander and look at all the beautiful (and handsome) bounties that Allah has to offer.

So to curb these prying eyes, i am content to curl up in the cosiness of my colourful room.

Back to the issue of my schoolwork.

Yes, i sent in one assignment the day after the deadline, one that cost me 2 marks. I guess its well worth it unless i wanted to hand in a crap piece of assignment.

Everyone in the group was slacking. I think the pemalas attitude has caught up with everyone of us.

I now have my computer applications assignment to think about, american lit. (due on the 15th), my msian & singapore lit assignment due the same day as the comp. app. one which is the 7th.

i am scared to think/mention (about) any other deadline.

Not to mention the 2nd round of mid-terms that will take place after the break.

i. shudder. at. the. thought. of. it.

oh, and i just got back my first mid-term for my Usul-Fiqh

I was pleasantly surprised by the marks that i got.

maryam + great results for Usul Fiqh = UNBELIEVABLE!

and somehow, my father didn't seem that impressed. and here i thought her filial and dutiful daughter did him proud. im trying to prove that my r/ship won't get in the way of my studies here.

It only makes me wanna TRY HARDER.

yes, maryam is always wanting to please people. sometimes i can't say no. i can't say no when it comes to pleasing my parents. at least i think i try to say no.

argghhhh, im missing the boyfriend.

he wasn't in a talkative mood last night. after dinner that is.

he was so sleepy. luckily he didn't fall asleep at the wheel.

*note-to-self: make sure i don't go out till late if its a working day for him the following day.


remember i said i didn't want to mention anymore assignments?

i just remembered 2 more. >_<"

my error&contrastiveanalysis and computerapplications e-portfolio.

i. am. going. to. get. fried.

i need to put something up on the side bar.

something to constantly remind me of my (im)pending (doom)assignments.