Friday, March 30, 2007

So much for...

the Xanax episode.

Once i got home i was sleeping like a baby.

Yeah, im home amidst the examination period.

Who couldn't do without a respite during an examination period?

It just so happened that i have a 7 day break in between.

So it was nice to come home and rest and relax and finally sleep like a proper human being.

I need sleep.

I am unable to function if i don't get at LEAST 4 hours of sleep.

Its called beauty sleep.

And the brain needs sleep to function at its best.

And i do so pride myself in being a brainiac.

Hah. Masuk bakul angkat sendiri komen.

Its exhausting being back.

I havent been studying (baaaddd gerl)

I have been staying put at home though, save for yesterday when i went for an impromptu shopping trip with my mom.

I have been slaving away at the stove.

Okay maybe not slave.

I just enjoy being in the kitchen pottering around.

Too much of the Domestic Goddess in me.

When my mum's away at work i just naturally fill in that spot.

And Huda was (and still is) right. I am turning into my mother.

Don't know whether its too much of a good thing or too much of a bad thing.

At least if i am turning into my mom, im comforted of the fact that i'll be able to deliver a baby on my own.

Now that's another story for another day.

So i have been cooking for three days inclusive of today.<>
Wednesday: rice, kuah sardin and an omelette with fried veggies

Thursday: rice, tomyam, fried chicken and fried veggies again.

Today: Lasagne.

My virginal attempt at making lasagne. Not bad. I will have to practice boiling that pasta though.

Tomorrow i will relinquish and relegate all cooking duties back to mother dearest.

And now, back to my supposed study time. Tee hee hee.


Monday, March 26, 2007


I know i said i would be away for some time but i just couldn't resist this very strong urge.

Especially when one has been sleep deprived for like 3 nights.

And mind you, i'm having sleepless nights during examination not by choice.

I'm definitely not the type to keep late nights and burning the midnite oil but unfortunately since i got to UIA, my body has reacted to examinations in this kooky manner.

I've only started to see the doctor as of last sem to get rid of the insomnia.

Trust me, you wouldn't want to see me.

I look worse than a wreck.

Lets see now

Xanax: noun
an antianxiety agent (trade name Xanax) of the benzodiazepine class.

Anxiety. Geez...

I wonder why i never ever felt anxious when i had to sit for the O's and A's.

I am so looking forward to get some shut eye tonight!

Bedtime will be at 10.30pm

That's the earliest i've been to bed.

Oh well, anything to keep me from falling asleep at my examination desk.


Monday, March 19, 2007

Hello. Goodbye.

No its not goodbye, like forever.

(God forbid that i'll get sick of blogging)

Its more like so long.

I noe i havent been updating for a while now.

I mean can you really blame me?

Being a senior SUCKS okay?

I mean yeah you get the best lecturers as you go on up

-which has been a complete disappointment with the exception of Dr. Noorharun that is-


Yes it really does suck.

The amount of time that you spend facing the laptop or pc is way longer than the time you see all your friends.

I remember reading Suli's blog griping moment about the tests and the assignments.

Yeah. it just consumes you to the point of no return.

The movie "NeverEnding Story" comes to mind.

Oh well. At least the ones that keep me sane are around.

And thanks girls for that lovely time just chilling around at Starbucks.

That made my day.

It was lovely.

Oh and i am so mad at that pathetic excuse for a man.

I can't believe him.

To do that to his gf and azimah.

And i heard he's heading to UIA.

I am not going to give him an easy time.


Not for the stunt that he pulled the other day at campus.

Well im here to say tht the exams have rolled around again.

Yes. The lovely and wonderful exams.

So i wont be around to blog much.

I'll probably come back after my birthday

~8th April people!~

So, au revoir and see you soon.


Saturday, March 03, 2007


i have made my come back y'ALL!

Ugh the last 2 weeks of february were a killer.

It was assignment after assignment after assignment right after coming back from the CNY break.

It feels like a chore going to class these days.

I can remember how many times i actually turned up to class.

Cos i skipped a tad too many times over the week.

But next week i hope that i don't do that same disappearing act again.

Too close to the exams.

Need those precious exam "study" tips from the lecturers.

Yes for some people i see you have your mouths open wide.

Yes close them before a fly gets in.

I can hear you all saying:

Eh? MARYAM tak Balik?

Hey at least i tak balik you know. Some people EVERY week also balik.

But of course they have their own reasons.

I just want to get all the assignments over and done with.

I've finally gotten the LE 4000 draft done.

Just needs a bit of tweaking and then it will be perfect.

I'm just worried about all the sources that i used.

She thinks that they are too outdated.

What am i supposed to do when the current trend of research is NOT what im working on?


I really wanna do well for this paper.

Ok...lets see.

What have i been doing these past 2 weeks that i've been here?

The weekdays aren't so bad cos you have classes to pre-occupy you but then when the weekend rolls around im like stumped.

Especially when you have a paltry student budget.

Last week i just stayed put in campus.

But this weekend, i mean today, i did a little grocery shopping before the exam period starts.

I hate going out during the exam period to look for stuff.

It minimises the revision time.

So tomorrow i have a movie date with Kho.

That gerl is simply elusive.

Very difficult to see you in campus these days you know!

Finally. A decent day out with some good company.

I can't wait to hang out with my friends this coming Saturday!

Especially the miss who is finally doing her last 10 weeks in practicum.


And then a senior and close family friend Kak Yaya is gttg married on the 17th!


At last!

Congrats Kak Yaya! Tak sabar nak tgk you naik pelamin.

You will definitely look gorgeous (even more so!) on your wedding day!

So before i bore you people out of your mind, i think i'll sign off.