Monday, March 19, 2007

Hello. Goodbye.

No its not goodbye, like forever.

(God forbid that i'll get sick of blogging)

Its more like so long.

I noe i havent been updating for a while now.

I mean can you really blame me?

Being a senior SUCKS okay?

I mean yeah you get the best lecturers as you go on up

-which has been a complete disappointment with the exception of Dr. Noorharun that is-


Yes it really does suck.

The amount of time that you spend facing the laptop or pc is way longer than the time you see all your friends.

I remember reading Suli's blog griping moment about the tests and the assignments.

Yeah. it just consumes you to the point of no return.

The movie "NeverEnding Story" comes to mind.

Oh well. At least the ones that keep me sane are around.

And thanks girls for that lovely time just chilling around at Starbucks.

That made my day.

It was lovely.

Oh and i am so mad at that pathetic excuse for a man.

I can't believe him.

To do that to his gf and azimah.

And i heard he's heading to UIA.

I am not going to give him an easy time.


Not for the stunt that he pulled the other day at campus.

Well im here to say tht the exams have rolled around again.

Yes. The lovely and wonderful exams.

So i wont be around to blog much.

I'll probably come back after my birthday

~8th April people!~

So, au revoir and see you soon.