Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm Floating...Flying... ;)

That was the status that i posted on FB this morning.

And SOOOOOO many people jumped at it.


Its so harmless lah.

I could have posted it cos i was feeling happy.

Cldnt that be a possibility??

Oh well, i do feel a tingling.

A little tingling.

Jusst a teensy bit of tingling from all that floating and that flying.

Its still too early to tell.



Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just so you know...

Stop treating me like dirt.

And stop "using" me will you.

You may get your kicks.

But where's mine?

I put you out of sight...

But then months later, you appear, just wanting to wreck havoc with my emotions.

Screw you!

On another totally different note:

After trying to put you away for so long.

Boxing you up and shelving those memories...

*To be burned later on in the deepest recesses of my mind*

I turn and i see YOU

and HER.

Her carrying your babe in her swelling belly.

Everything comes crashing all around me.

All the boxes i try to shove at the back of my "memory" closet come spilling out.

Spilling all its contents all over me.

Hitting me hard and fast

Till i am numb.


That's what it is.


Friday, March 27, 2009

You are my sexual chocolate...

I've fallen with for this Ruby Red beauty.


Anyone care to get it for me as my birthday present?

*hint hint!*


p/s: you are the epitome of GORGEOUSNESS!!!!

p/p/s: the one time you want to take it slow; someone else thinks otherwise! what now!????

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Sorry that we havent spoken
Sorry that i havent seen you
Sorry that i wish that i had more time
Sorry that i have to come up with all these excuses.
The bottom line is, im sorry.

I miss you.

-im surprised i even went on MC-
i need to let up a little.

Happy 25th Birthday A*zimah!!!!

Yes now the whole world KNOWS that you've turned 25 hehehe...
Love you lots and like i said to u this mrng, smoga dipercepatkan jodohnyer dgn A*lmie


p/s: my most unstructured post EVERRRRRR!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Birthday Wishlist Part TWO.

My very own copy of:

Eat Pray Love

because i am still totally in LOVE with that book.


I'm going to remember that person who presented me the book and cherish our friendship even MORE =)

*shameless i know*

Birthday Wishlist.

A whole load of P*okka Green Tea to last me till my next birthday.


Not asking for a whole lot right?



Wednesday, March 18, 2009


In my efforts to become fitter this year (and hopefully more toned)

I have embarked on some fitness classes.

And as you can see from the title, i have begun kickboxing classes!

Very cheap and well worth your money i tell you.

Just go to your nearest CC.

Even someone who used to go to A*more was saying that the class was comparable to the ones that she used to do.

The woman who conducted the class was so uber fit lah!

She's so friggin' toned.

And i almost gave up halfway thru the class.

I was dying of exhaustion and literally sweating buckets lah.

But it was really good.

Especially when you're doing ur punching movements.

I felt like a real fighter....NOT!

The most i could do was to pretend that i was punching some filthy conniving ex-boyfriend of mine.

And hey, it worked!


That was only the first class.

And thank you D*arwina for suggesting this brilliant idea and im so thankful i have an exercise buddy like u.

C u in class tomorrow lah.

Good night pple....i still have to slave over this dumb LIT essay.



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lit. Classes

I think all of you know tht i love Lit like nobody's business.

I think its a handy skill to have.

And now that im in training to TEACH lit, its a totally different ball game now.

But the BEST thing that's happened since a long time is D*ennis Y*eo my Lit. shifu in N*IE now.

He's this awesome, off-the-beaten-track, i don't care if you say the wrong things, kinda teacher.

It is TOTALLY awesome and inspiring to be in his classes.

*can i just say i really dun wanna leave?*

And he's one of the best teacher's i've had in my less than 3 mth stint in N*IE.

We've been doing poetry the past few lessons and i have to make this clear, i don't really have an affinity for poetry.

I am a prose type of gal.

But he has structured his lessons in such a way that i am starting to love poetry.

How the **** is this possible!?

Has he gotten something embedded in my brain while i wasn't looking?

Nevertheless, hes like the awesomest teachers around.

He's got us writing poetry and reading poetry and i like the fact that he didn't do dry 17th century poetry right off the bat with us.

He started us off easy and is doing great stuff!

For the next lesson, he's got us looking for a pop (or any other genre) song that has the potential to be a poem, i.e. that has some form of structure and uses some literary device.

So now i am scrolling through my spartan collection of songs for use in his class on THURSDAY.

Cmon, arh, what kind of teacher gets you so excited to do his work at least a FULL day ahead of class?

Amazing right?


p/s: Nora you would adore the man. He's so insanely fantastic. I can safely say BETTER than Prof Q! *gasp*

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Vicegerent.

When God put me on Earth, He wasn't kidding when He said i'd be His vicegerent.

I am ultimately THANKFUL and GRATEFUL to have been one lucky soul to have been chosen and accepted to go to U*IA.

I now see the hikmah behind His workings.

Little did I know, working in the secular field actually allows me to field questions from other faiths, allow greater interactions with other faiths, and ultimately helps me to explain and correct misconceptions to allow greater understanding of Islam to those who have little or no understanding.

So i challenge those of you in the Islamic field, go out and go forth.

Break the mould so that you yourself may understand your faith even more (and gain more appreciation) and to let others be more educated on Islam.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I passed the grammar test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, March 07, 2009

Every action HAS its consequences.

In this very case, after going to M*.A.C, lets just say the repercussions are disastrous.

I'm surfing their site and ogling at their makeup.

Lets just say they're GORGEOUSSSSSSS.

I definitely noe im going to blow next month's pay on makeup.

Just makeup.


Its not easy being a girl u noe.

There are so many distractions.

Boys, makeup, gadgets, books, clothes....

Not in any particular order though.


Friday, March 06, 2009


*note to self: when in doubt just WEAR your damn contacts!*

So how did i go "celebrate" the end of the grammar test?

I went to T*angs to go do some research for some M*AC products with my classmate Y*vette

And the both of us got a mini-makeover from the makeup artiste, J*amie.

She is so totally skilled i tell u that woman.

And she was extremely entertaining!

She kept on saying "Lovaaahhhhhh" tickled me PINK!

Y*vette got a better and more comprehensive make-over than i did cos we were kinda pressed for time but STILL she did a MAGNIFICENT job!

I bombarded her with so many questions.

From the benefits of sponge application vs brush application.

How to apply eyeliner so it doesn't smudge.

*which J*amie hilariously described smudged eyeliner to being raped! hahahahah*

I had a LOT of fun.

I felt totally gorgeous and definitely a PERFECT stress reliever.

Must do that again some time!

And i don't feel like taking my makeup off anytime soon. Heheh


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Post-Grammar fatigue.

The test was okay.

But still a little tricky.

Now thats done and out of the way, i have to start preparing for the bloody transcript for my podcasting assignment.

Syukur alhamdulillah i am employed.


Tuesday, March 03, 2009


No pun intended here with relation to the stabbing at N*TU.

I have a Grammar Post-test this coming Thursday.

A deadline on the 17th, another on the 24th.


I feel stretched for time!

My bday's in a month's time.

What shall i be up to then?