Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lit. Classes

I think all of you know tht i love Lit like nobody's business.

I think its a handy skill to have.

And now that im in training to TEACH lit, its a totally different ball game now.

But the BEST thing that's happened since a long time is D*ennis Y*eo my Lit. shifu in N*IE now.

He's this awesome, off-the-beaten-track, i don't care if you say the wrong things, kinda teacher.

It is TOTALLY awesome and inspiring to be in his classes.

*can i just say i really dun wanna leave?*

And he's one of the best teacher's i've had in my less than 3 mth stint in N*IE.

We've been doing poetry the past few lessons and i have to make this clear, i don't really have an affinity for poetry.

I am a prose type of gal.

But he has structured his lessons in such a way that i am starting to love poetry.

How the **** is this possible!?

Has he gotten something embedded in my brain while i wasn't looking?

Nevertheless, hes like the awesomest teachers around.

He's got us writing poetry and reading poetry and i like the fact that he didn't do dry 17th century poetry right off the bat with us.

He started us off easy and is doing great stuff!

For the next lesson, he's got us looking for a pop (or any other genre) song that has the potential to be a poem, i.e. that has some form of structure and uses some literary device.

So now i am scrolling through my spartan collection of songs for use in his class on THURSDAY.

Cmon, arh, what kind of teacher gets you so excited to do his work at least a FULL day ahead of class?

Amazing right?


p/s: Nora you would adore the man. He's so insanely fantastic. I can safely say BETTER than Prof Q! *gasp*