Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just so you know...

Stop treating me like dirt.

And stop "using" me will you.

You may get your kicks.

But where's mine?

I put you out of sight...

But then months later, you appear, just wanting to wreck havoc with my emotions.

Screw you!

On another totally different note:

After trying to put you away for so long.

Boxing you up and shelving those memories...

*To be burned later on in the deepest recesses of my mind*

I turn and i see YOU

and HER.

Her carrying your babe in her swelling belly.

Everything comes crashing all around me.

All the boxes i try to shove at the back of my "memory" closet come spilling out.

Spilling all its contents all over me.

Hitting me hard and fast

Till i am numb.


That's what it is.