Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I passed!

I got one A.

Alhamdullillah. I think that was the most critical paper i had to sit for and i proved that i have a critical eye.

Thank you Dr. Faridah! Lup u many-many!

Comp. App. okay lah. I guess i deserved the grade. But i feel i should have gotten the A.

Plus i had that non-sleeping episode for that paper.

And it was the only time that i didn't sleep properly.

See how anxious i was for the paper?

Sociolinguistics was great.

I want to thank Ruwaida for the brilliant work she did with the e-portfolio. I think that's what gave me the grade.

Although i was kinda upset with the grade i got for American Lit.

Okay i guess i was deserving of that B+ I slacked off a little on that paper.

Now what shall i ask of daddy and mummy?

I have worked hard haven't i?

So some monetary reward should do nicely...

Plus i desperately need a pair of new black pants and a few new tops.

A pair of cute shoes wouldn't hurt either.


Did i mention that i passed my Usul Fiqh also?

Dr. Sandra is one kind soul. She saved my ass. Literally.

So i have to continually work hard to improve that CGPA.

I saw an improvement.

An improvement of 0.063

That's how menial and meagre the increment has been.

Another semester to slave and slog my ass through.

Its been fun. And im going to miss it.

Especially the pasar malam Wednesdays and the Haji Tapah tom yam.

This entry is dedicated to my seniors Kak An and Kak Y.


Sunday, November 26, 2006


Drumroll please...

The results are going to be released on 28th of November

Oh grrreeeaaattt....

More waiting to do.

Page Cannot Be Opened.

Okay, i've been trying and trying for almost an hour.

And the page refuses to load.

What page?

Aiyah the dreaded results page lah what else.

*her {the 22 + 2.2-ed one} says:
dun kancheong la

Kancheong Queen, I am.

Ask anyone from secondary school and jc, they will tell you its true.

I am so Kancheong, it gave me the title 'Mother Hen' in JC.

Yeah lah, how not to.

Being class rep. to a bunch of pple who were rowdy and refused any form of authority made me into that 'Mother Hen'.

Back to the kancheong-ness.

I mean, how NOT to be kancheong you tell me.

This exam determines whether i'll go up to 4th year and this will determine everything.

God-willing, it will turn out the way its supposed to.

Oh and by the way, Congrats to a Mdm Sarah Sharmini Rajan-(hubby's name i do not know).

Sorry i couldn't make it to your wedding.

Raincheck yeah?


Thursday, November 23, 2006

2.2% End of Year Bonus for Civil Servants.

So anak-anak 'gahmen' ku....

More like kawan-kawan ku yg berkhidmat pada negara.

On top of the hols that you are having, plus pay, you still get a 2.2% bonus.

*sits and wails like a baby*

I will be sitting here waiting k?

Waiting for what you ask?

Waiting for kind souls to save my broke behind.


So Zak...please fulfill my wish hor.

A wish Secret Recipe, Swensens or Anatolia can only fulfill.

Shereen kalau nak join in lagik best...hohhoho


On another note:

No wonder my mother is getting her bedroom done up!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Water anyone?

At home again.



I can hear the people moaning.

What? She's sick again?


I came down with a bad fever on saturday.

I had chills and slept with a sweater, socks on my feet and a blanket and i was still chattering.

Then on sunday i had a terrible tummy ache.

And the flatulence ensued on monday.

Extremely SMELLY flatulence.

I almost got chased out of the house by my siblings last night.

I suspect food poisoning.


My uncle says i have a stomach made in taiwan.


Oh and today, my pipes sprung a leak.

So there's no water. And i have a ton of dishes waiting for me in the sink.

The aftermath of lunch.

So now dad's at the supply store looking for a mixer tap

-cos one side of the mixer tap kind melted on the inside thanks to years of wear and tear-

and the water can't be turned back on, else i'd like my house to go into the record books for being the first house in the world on the fourth floor to go underwater.

So, its back to the waiting game again.

Can i just say that this is one of the most boring breaks i've had in long while!?

Kho, can you bring your brother here so he can play with Adam and we can chill out together.

Anyone else wanna bring their siblings too???

Instead of DaddyDaycare, it'll be Sisters Inc.


Thursday, November 16, 2006


Yes lahhhh...exams are over!

And yes, its a 2 week hiatus from ingesting food from polystrene boxes.

*phew* what a relief!

I've missed home.

What better way to come home and have your little brother salam you and give you a hug!

I missed that monster.

Oh yes, of course i missed that OTHER monster.

My other-tembam half!

What better way but to pinch his cheeks! Hohohoho...

Yeah, so the first half of the exam was not so bad.

I was pretty sure i could answer most of the questions.

And then, i had to sit for the really, really, really hard Usul Fiqh paper.

Are you kidding?

The MCQs and true & false questions were the ones that stumped me.

And then there were the essay questions.

4 questions answer any 3.

I answered the one about the definitions on usul fiqh, the literal and the technical definitions as well as the hukm al-shar'i and the different branches of wajib.

Betcha didn't know there were many sub-divisions of wajib did you?

And after that, i really got stumped.

There were 2 more essay questions:

i) Maslahah mursalah

ii) Istishab

memanglah byk sgt MASALAH dengan dua soalan ni

After i exited the exam hall, there was a sigh of ultimate relief.

I barely answered the last essay question. No point in GORENG-ing something which you have barely any clue about.

So yeah....i was about to collapse in complete hysterics if not for Kho.

And then we giggled all the way back to her room.

What's done is done and cannot be undone.

So now i'll be crossing toes, legs, fingers, eyes and what ever else i can cross for the results.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Sunday, November 05, 2006

See U Soon...

See the dates that have been struck off?

A measly two examinations only done.

I still have days of waiting and longing to be home again.

To see my youngest brother (who passed his maths paper)

He's chuffed. Cos he's got a new carrom board.

The actual deal was for him to get 75 and above for his maths paper. he got a 72 instead.

But i guess mom relented cos he improved a lot.

All that shouting and screaming to get him to sit at the dining room table to do his maths revision actually did some good.

And then of course i want to savour the good home made food. Again. and again. and again.

I swear i will never get sick of home made food.

Eating out of polystrene boxes for the past 3 years has definitely done some good to the soul.

And of course to spend time with family, friends and the boyfriend.

And weddings!

A few weddings to attend to this December!

Can't wait!!!!!

Oh and congrats Kak D and Kak Faezah on your bundles of joy! (that will be received next year of course!)

Wish me luck for the rest of the papers k?

Send me your prayers!