Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Water anyone?

At home again.



I can hear the people moaning.

What? She's sick again?


I came down with a bad fever on saturday.

I had chills and slept with a sweater, socks on my feet and a blanket and i was still chattering.

Then on sunday i had a terrible tummy ache.

And the flatulence ensued on monday.

Extremely SMELLY flatulence.

I almost got chased out of the house by my siblings last night.

I suspect food poisoning.


My uncle says i have a stomach made in taiwan.


Oh and today, my pipes sprung a leak.

So there's no water. And i have a ton of dishes waiting for me in the sink.

The aftermath of lunch.

So now dad's at the supply store looking for a mixer tap

-cos one side of the mixer tap kind melted on the inside thanks to years of wear and tear-

and the water can't be turned back on, else i'd like my house to go into the record books for being the first house in the world on the fourth floor to go underwater.

So, its back to the waiting game again.

Can i just say that this is one of the most boring breaks i've had in long while!?

Kho, can you bring your brother here so he can play with Adam and we can chill out together.

Anyone else wanna bring their siblings too???

Instead of DaddyDaycare, it'll be Sisters Inc.


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