Saturday, April 28, 2007


After an excruciatingly long wait...

I got my last result for last semester's papers.


You can't even being to imagine how ecstatic i am to see that my cgpa has risen.

Tak sia-sia gi class 8.30am and duduk kat depan.

Heheh, dptkan berkat.

I have my grandparents here today.

They spent the night at my house and it was nice to have my grandfather boss my sister around.

It was definitely a nice change.

Anyway, i will have to make my way down to IMM to get my ex-roomies those retractable poles to hang their curtains up.

I really pity them cos their room has an unpleasant view of the construction site.

Im glad to have gotten the same room again.

Have a good weekend!


Thursday, April 26, 2007


Yes. I am home.


Cos on the 26th of april it was designated the coronation day.

Therefore public holiday for us.

And i took the opportunity to ponteng my class on friday.



Why am i in denial you might ask?

Because it has finally sunk in.

Yes, like Duchess once mentioned:

Yeah, one day then you'll know what it feels like to be a biiig kakak.

People are calling me kak Mary these days.

I can't believe that Anuar called me 'Kak'.

Which was why i purposely didn't respond when he called me kak to share some of his mentos.


I love coming home.

Cos that means that i get to see the love.

I missed him so much!

Cos i haven't seen him since last thursday.

Tomorrow must meet him for a quick lunch before friday prayers.

On the menu tomorrow...LAKSA!


Did i mention i got locked out from my room last night when i got home.

The sister wanted to keep my brothers out and didnt count on me coming back so soon.

So i got a crick in the neck cos i had to sleep in the living room, on the floor on a very uncomfortable little pillow.

So tonight i'll get some proper shut eye.

Good night.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

49 Long Days

I have this feeling that this semester is going to be a LOOOOONNNGGG one.

I should say that ONE of the lecturers is not being very receptive to students from my programme.

I don't understand why he had to do that.

I didn't think it was completely necessary.

I somehow feel insulted.

But then again he may have his reasons.

But i didn't ask to take that class okay.

It was forced upon me.


Am i obsessed with the English languge?

Is it my fault that my parents taught me how to speak English first and not Malay as it should have been?

Why am i more fluent in English then?

So is it my fault that i am able to comfortably understand and express myself in this language?

Is it even a bad thing?

Then if he did mean to say all that, what about all our other Muslim brothers and sisters from other parts of the world that learn and come to understand the faith better in their own language?

I can't even understand religious books in Malay.


Why is it now that seeds of self-doubt seem to be sown?

Was it a mistake in the beginning to take this course at all?

I feel like im going to come down with my second panic attack of the week.

And possibly the semester.

And its not going to stop here either.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Report Card Day

Gone are the days that i had to show my parents my report card to get it signed.

These days, i print them out and decide that whether i should show my parents.

*Fat hope*

Ouh well, at least the results show the amount of effort that i've continuously put in.

And alhamdullillah, i passed arabic with a respectable B-!

And amazingly i gained an A for my LE 4000. Considering the amount of times i always kene tekan by the lecturer.

Like i mentioned in my blog months ago, she only meant well and only desired for us to get the marks that we worked for.

So really slaving away at my paper that i spent countless of night worrying on paid off!

On the flipside, i haven't gotten my grade for Research Methodology.

I've already made the calculations, even an estimation on the RM grade, and i'm not getting on that dean's list.

It just goes to show i'm just your average student.

But at least i know that i've worked hard on the grades.

Thanks to family and friends for support.

And Baby, thank you for being there always. Although your methods of making me concentrate on my studies left me a bit perplexed, i'm glad you did.

I love you.

Did i mention WE turned ONE on Monday?

Just for the kick of it, i prepared his lunch from Monday right thru till yesterday.

So it was lunchtime lovey dovey picnic for us. Hah.

I'm sure i made someone puke their lunch up after writing that.Hoho.

No grand presents, just quality time spent with each other.

I'm going to hate leaving this Sunday.

To my babes:

Really? We've known each other for 10 years? Gawd, i feel OLD.

I want CHALET, forget that i'm even broke.



Thursday, April 19, 2007

I will never have peace writing this knowing that my father is behind me, watching me type this.

I made my second attempt at lasagne, and i am getting pretty good at it.


I made chicken rice yesterday and the day before, i took my very first attempt at making asam pedas.

Honestly, malay cuisine is VERY difficult.

So is indian cuisine.

It is a perfect blend of spices and control of heat that make the food good.

Trust me.

Whatever Nigella and Jamie Oliver do, i can also do.

But to do an Asmah Laili is BEYOND me.

I have been trying to put my pics frm my hp into the pc/laptop but using the SD card adapter and plugging it into the pc also not working.

I dunno why the pc cannot detect my memory card.
So that is why there is a complete absence of photos in my blog as of late.

So i have no pics to show of my lasagne...

the already half eaten lasagne

Less than 3 hours to my exam results.
I feel like defecating just thinking about it.

Well enuf talking...more pics i say!

Arian gerls bday outing

LJS dinner...satisfied a craving

at sarah j's wedding

meet the newlyweds: sarah j. and erwan berori

Exco, exco and exco-ed

(thats me all red in the face suffering frm heat rash)

I hope this put an end to the monotony of all that writing.



Monday, April 16, 2007

Get OVER it.

Someone should realli be listening to katharine mcphee's song, Over It.


Stop living in the past and start living for today.

Some people instead of trying to rectify something, it becomes even more worse.

Grow up.

If it aint broke, you don't have to meddle with it.

Stop giving other people grief.

Even they've moved on.


Sunday, April 15, 2007


Sesetengah orang kat alam siber ni mmg suka sangat "men-copy" style orang lain eh?

Lepas tu, she tries to pawn it off as her own.

And coincidentally, she has names of friends that are just too similar to my ms. morientes.

And then she has so many spelling errors.

Maklumlah. Aku ni kan budak BENL, mata pun merah membaca.

I mean seriously, whoever buys a person a gift of a "heart pedal"

Cmon lah. Kalau tak tau spell pun, cuba sebut dulu, lepas tu spellchecker kan ader?

Option kan banyak.

Tak tau spell in english, spell it in malay can?


Oh better yet. Write it in MS word and then when u see the squiggly red line u can make the proper adjustments and then copy and paste to blogger.

See, who says im so bad?

I am sincerely trying to help the nation to improve the standard of english.

Wat i mean is...

BACK OFF *****!

Ok dah penat.

p/s: i do believe that congratulations are in order for the newly wed couple sarah jamaludin and erwan berori. Don't forget to come back after your honeymoon hor!


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Please help me!

Unbeknownst to some people. i am actually tucked away safe and sound at home.

Till the next week at least.

I have 7 days till the release of my results.

Oh god.

I am starting to feel all the butterflies in the tummy.

Anyway, i just wanted to see what was happening on the blogosphere.

On the contrary, having the wireless at home really has made me very lazy liao.

Cos its very leceh/ troublesome to have to pack and unpack the laptop.

So i just wait until the pc is free.

The birthday was bleargh

It doesn't get better as you get older.

The best things to happen was the surprise dinner party my roomies had for me.

Nice and tasty tomyam to go with my nasi goreng yongchow.


And then it was the movie date i had with my fellow Arian, Kho (aka my lesb partner) as she so affectionately put it. Harhar.

Thanks dear for that gorgeous and notty looking flower hehehehe.

I hope you enjoyed the chocolate cake!

All in all, i enjoyed the movie.

We caught The Namesake, a Jhumpa Lahiri book that both of us read.

It was made into a movie by Mira Nair.

I enjoyed her Monsoon Wedding but i wasn't particularly impressed with her take on Namesake.

Well, partly because i felt that the focus was shifted from Gogol to Ashima Ashok.

So i guess it just took the whole feel of the namesake away.

Well that is my personal opinion.

But i did enjoy Tabu's acting.

She's a real gem.

And Kal Penn, well, i feel that his role as Kumar in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle really immortalised Penn's character. So his take on Gogol didn't really envelop me.

Again, my personal opinion.

Maybe the whole problem is because i already read the book.

So there was a certain expectation that i needed from it.

Besides the movie, i have pretty much been at home and reading and cooking and watching tv and looking after the brother at home.

I went to Jurong East's library. I remember sneaking a peek at the Narayan range there and i felt that it deserved another look.

So this time, i picked up one chick flick and 3 Narayan titles.

The Guide rocked my socks so im hoping that the other books do the same for me too.

So, there's one more week till i get the results.

Oh darn.

Just one more week.

Then its less than 2 months that i'll be graduating!



Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bodoh sombong.

some people donno wat they say.


i really wonder what the dictionary was made for.


kalau dah salah tu salah lah.


and den padahal takde kene mengene dengan hidup orang tu.

wah kao. jeles ke pe tak dikutuk.

really frustrating!

that aside,

i met gorgeous katya from bavaria (thats in germany, for the rest of the population).

i rushed back by train last night.

i made it by a hair's breadth.


i didn't even meet katya until this morning when we woke up from (my-very-little) sleep.

somebody was really ROARING aka snoring!

the bunks on the train were really nice.

I hope to see u tomorrow katya!

auf wiederzein.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007


4 down, 2 more to go.


Oh well.

Whatever that gets me through this week.

Oh, the non-sleeping episodes are back!


I can barely shut my eyes at night.

Time for Mr. Xanax to pay another visit tonight.

2 more days till the school holidays.

Sweet, sweet ecstasy...


Monday, April 02, 2007

All the things i love...

Yes. i have made it back to kl again.

Nothing new.

3 more days of exams.

then i'll be free for 2 weeks.

hopefully 2 weeks of bliss.

my bday, then me & kho's bday movie treat and bday celebration

my anniversary (yipee!)

and a whole list of reading that i've already prepared to occupy myself with.

i've planned out some dishes that i'd like to try.

but right now, its those 3 papers i have to occupy myself with.


oh well.

its back to the books and notes for world lit.


Sunday, April 01, 2007


Al-Ghazali mentioned in his theory of mean (mean being the middle)

that to be a complete and whole person then one would require 4 things:

wisdom, justice, temperance and courage.

To my friends having a hard time out there, take these pearls of wisdom and use them to better your life.

InsyaAllah you will be rewarded.

On another note

i don't noe how to say it for fear of retaliation and harassment.

So i shall just keep quiet.

It is better to keep silent than say bad things at all.