Friday, April 20, 2007

Report Card Day

Gone are the days that i had to show my parents my report card to get it signed.

These days, i print them out and decide that whether i should show my parents.

*Fat hope*

Ouh well, at least the results show the amount of effort that i've continuously put in.

And alhamdullillah, i passed arabic with a respectable B-!

And amazingly i gained an A for my LE 4000. Considering the amount of times i always kene tekan by the lecturer.

Like i mentioned in my blog months ago, she only meant well and only desired for us to get the marks that we worked for.

So really slaving away at my paper that i spent countless of night worrying on paid off!

On the flipside, i haven't gotten my grade for Research Methodology.

I've already made the calculations, even an estimation on the RM grade, and i'm not getting on that dean's list.

It just goes to show i'm just your average student.

But at least i know that i've worked hard on the grades.

Thanks to family and friends for support.

And Baby, thank you for being there always. Although your methods of making me concentrate on my studies left me a bit perplexed, i'm glad you did.

I love you.

Did i mention WE turned ONE on Monday?

Just for the kick of it, i prepared his lunch from Monday right thru till yesterday.

So it was lunchtime lovey dovey picnic for us. Hah.

I'm sure i made someone puke their lunch up after writing that.Hoho.

No grand presents, just quality time spent with each other.

I'm going to hate leaving this Sunday.

To my babes:

Really? We've known each other for 10 years? Gawd, i feel OLD.

I want CHALET, forget that i'm even broke.