Thursday, April 26, 2007


Yes. I am home.


Cos on the 26th of april it was designated the coronation day.

Therefore public holiday for us.

And i took the opportunity to ponteng my class on friday.



Why am i in denial you might ask?

Because it has finally sunk in.

Yes, like Duchess once mentioned:

Yeah, one day then you'll know what it feels like to be a biiig kakak.

People are calling me kak Mary these days.

I can't believe that Anuar called me 'Kak'.

Which was why i purposely didn't respond when he called me kak to share some of his mentos.


I love coming home.

Cos that means that i get to see the love.

I missed him so much!

Cos i haven't seen him since last thursday.

Tomorrow must meet him for a quick lunch before friday prayers.

On the menu tomorrow...LAKSA!


Did i mention i got locked out from my room last night when i got home.

The sister wanted to keep my brothers out and didnt count on me coming back so soon.

So i got a crick in the neck cos i had to sleep in the living room, on the floor on a very uncomfortable little pillow.

So tonight i'll get some proper shut eye.

Good night.