Thursday, April 19, 2007

I will never have peace writing this knowing that my father is behind me, watching me type this.

I made my second attempt at lasagne, and i am getting pretty good at it.


I made chicken rice yesterday and the day before, i took my very first attempt at making asam pedas.

Honestly, malay cuisine is VERY difficult.

So is indian cuisine.

It is a perfect blend of spices and control of heat that make the food good.

Trust me.

Whatever Nigella and Jamie Oliver do, i can also do.

But to do an Asmah Laili is BEYOND me.

I have been trying to put my pics frm my hp into the pc/laptop but using the SD card adapter and plugging it into the pc also not working.

I dunno why the pc cannot detect my memory card.
So that is why there is a complete absence of photos in my blog as of late.

So i have no pics to show of my lasagne...

the already half eaten lasagne

Less than 3 hours to my exam results.
I feel like defecating just thinking about it.

Well enuf talking...more pics i say!

Arian gerls bday outing

LJS dinner...satisfied a craving

at sarah j's wedding

meet the newlyweds: sarah j. and erwan berori

Exco, exco and exco-ed

(thats me all red in the face suffering frm heat rash)

I hope this put an end to the monotony of all that writing.