Sunday, April 15, 2007


Sesetengah orang kat alam siber ni mmg suka sangat "men-copy" style orang lain eh?

Lepas tu, she tries to pawn it off as her own.

And coincidentally, she has names of friends that are just too similar to my ms. morientes.

And then she has so many spelling errors.

Maklumlah. Aku ni kan budak BENL, mata pun merah membaca.

I mean seriously, whoever buys a person a gift of a "heart pedal"

Cmon lah. Kalau tak tau spell pun, cuba sebut dulu, lepas tu spellchecker kan ader?

Option kan banyak.

Tak tau spell in english, spell it in malay can?


Oh better yet. Write it in MS word and then when u see the squiggly red line u can make the proper adjustments and then copy and paste to blogger.

See, who says im so bad?

I am sincerely trying to help the nation to improve the standard of english.

Wat i mean is...

BACK OFF *****!

Ok dah penat.

p/s: i do believe that congratulations are in order for the newly wed couple sarah jamaludin and erwan berori. Don't forget to come back after your honeymoon hor!