Thursday, May 28, 2009

Boredom Central.

Its only day three of the holidays.

And i am seriously bored.

Bored out of my skull.

There are things to do.

Like my G*ESL project that's due to be executed next wednesday.

i HAVE a presentation tomorrow.

Which i have SCARCELY prepared for.

So what's this about being bored?

I dunno.

Its just this sudden void in my life that has yet to be filled.

I noe i want to go out with someone really badly hehe.

*i cant wait for saturday*

arghhhh. i am super lazy to get started with this presentation slides.

I hate this stupid project thing.

Insanely time consuming worthless piece of ****

Thats how i REALLLLLY feel about it.

i just got a dinner invite tomorrow! with the chantiques! =) i loike!

hope tomorrow ends without a snag.

sat come quicklyyyy!!!!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Guilt Tripping.

I havent seen any of my friends outside of school.

Well with the exceptions of U*mi and A*zura that is.

I feel bad for neglecting them.

Guilty even.

Very guilty.

Juggling school and social life isnt so easy after all.

I hate to think of what's to come later on.

But at least DK makes effort to come meet me!

That's the one silver lining i have.

Thank you love.

If not for you, i don't think i'd have much of a social life.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I could not concentrate on my movie Angels &Demons last night with DK.

Thanks to my posting results.

My 10 week practicum posting result.

I the I*IUM grad, am gg to a christian sch.

It is very amusing.


God did not joke when He made me His vicegerent.

Yes people.

I'm going to C*hristchurch Secondary.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Helloooooo Gorgeous!!!!

Look at this pretty little thing!

granted that it would probably give me a fracture

i still love the aesthetics of this baby.

*will u be mine? pweety pwease?*


p/s: procrastination is my first, middle & last name. *sigh*

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm on a HIGH!

The aftermath of watching flying objects launched into the sky,

watching things from a great height, and hearing some mad girl scream:

Wohoooo I love Harleeyyyy!

(proceeded by a certain Someone to rev his engine pffttt. show offff =p)


*If she only knew that the bikes weren't actually harleys but super tricked out hondas and yamahas muahahahahaha*

All the six if us were chuckling in amusement.


Watched Star Trek last night.

It was WORTH every penny.

I loved every second.

Kept me in my seat and didn't bore me to tears.

The humour was excellent too!

It was a good thing Angels & Demons was sold out for that time slot ahakz.

After which we proceeded to the F1 track to view the X-fighters exhibition tour.

Not really my thing.

The stunts got my stomach shrivelled.

Do their moms even know the kind o f danger they put themselves in!?

But we got on the Sg Flyer to watch everything from the pods.

minus the crowd and the stifling heat.

It was nice and cool and very conducive for watching flying bike stunts from a distance.

*Bek Vtec and his super duper heavy DSLR*

After that we proceeded to Lau Pa Sat for dinner.

My food and drink were disappointing!

Now i know why people prefer Newton to Lau Pa Sat anytime!!!

The ride back home was fast and *painful*

I lost all sensation in my butt.


I don't see how some people enjoy being pillion riders.

Thankfully Singapore is small.


p/s: i loved every second of my date with you =)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crossed Over.

I got my new HP!

Loving it.

Still learning and playing with my new toy.

It feels weird not to press the keypad to sms now.


The best part is:


It is God's gift to Man in this age of technology.

I wouldn't noe wat to do without FB or Twitter.


I'm guilty of being too wired.

*i think this explains why im highly irritable with high levels of anxiety as well*

But of course, like you said the other night:

Me or Facebook?

I'd pick you of course (while sneaking a peek at my hooked up HP teehee)


I'd pick you.


Cos im lovin' those dimples



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vocab. Edition 1.2


Definition: Fate; Destiny.

Used in a sentence: I wonder if you are my kismet at all


When you're in too deep...all the crazy emotions surface.

All but my own doing.

I pray that:

a) i don't get hurt

b) i won't be disappointed

Right now, im living in perpetual fear.

tu lah, suka sangat kan living on the edge. naahh, rasakan!


p/s: sometimes i think rejection is my middle name

After almost two weeks of not seeing him (booo!)

im glad that we're finally gg on a date again this weekend!


This is how excited i am...

1) i've already picked out an outfit for saturday.

2) planning to complete my assignment by friday.



Haiku 101

my kind-of successful attempt at a haiku.

*cos generally i SUCK at writing poems*

definitely my BEST!

Love, precious and light

like budding flowers in spring,

like my love for you.

And truth be told,

I've never written a love poem for ANYONE.

That's how significant you are to me.


Sunday, May 10, 2009


Before i start sounding like a total perv,

I'll just show you this...

Thanks to a*zimah, I now lust for this.

Haiz Zimah, kenape laaah u make me do stuff like this.


*now that i think back abt it, me, Z*ak and A*zimah are going to end up with the same brand of phone.*

Soul sisters katakan.

I miss you guys.

I wish this were over soon.

School drains me so.

And this is only the honeymoon period they say.

Once i start teaching, things aren't going to be so rosy anymore.



Friday, May 08, 2009

Stressing out...

I shouldnt be.

But i can't help it.

Paranoia? Maybe?

Hope not.

And lemme tell you, this dumb essay has really got me stumped.

I can't seem to begin!

Can't find the words.

Feeling so damn unfocused.

I wanna cry.

A long, good, hard cry.

Then i know i'll feel better.


Monday, May 04, 2009


i've been ratted out. hahaha

*suka angle dier, haha, nampak slim sket huahuahuahuahuahua*

credits to izhar a.k.a julian casablancas for the photo.

i do have a liking for it heh.

actually that was MY helmet. His helmet, believe it or not, is a skating helmet.

tsk...tsk...i have given him an earful. trust me.


K*eiko said i was radiating some unearthly glow on my face this morning.

I swear i thought it was the primer.

i guess its the rush of endorphins to my facial tissues that are giving me that perkiness.


and you have a whole lot to do with it DK

a whole lot.




p/s: the first night i went on a spin with DK =)

Sunday, May 03, 2009


Flights. Check!

Hotels. Check!

Skybus. Check!

Travel insurance. Check!

Now we have about a mth and a half to go.


Langkawi/KL here we come!


Saturday, May 02, 2009

Yesterday was...


Really special.

I am happy.

And content.

And i am undoubtedly over the moon.

Thank you for:

trusting and loving me.


i am so in love. *dreamy sigh*