Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm on a HIGH!

The aftermath of watching flying objects launched into the sky,

watching things from a great height, and hearing some mad girl scream:

Wohoooo I love Harleeyyyy!

(proceeded by a certain Someone to rev his engine pffttt. show offff =p)


*If she only knew that the bikes weren't actually harleys but super tricked out hondas and yamahas muahahahahaha*

All the six if us were chuckling in amusement.


Watched Star Trek last night.

It was WORTH every penny.

I loved every second.

Kept me in my seat and didn't bore me to tears.

The humour was excellent too!

It was a good thing Angels & Demons was sold out for that time slot ahakz.

After which we proceeded to the F1 track to view the X-fighters exhibition tour.

Not really my thing.

The stunts got my stomach shrivelled.

Do their moms even know the kind o f danger they put themselves in!?

But we got on the Sg Flyer to watch everything from the pods.

minus the crowd and the stifling heat.

It was nice and cool and very conducive for watching flying bike stunts from a distance.

*Bek Vtec and his super duper heavy DSLR*

After that we proceeded to Lau Pa Sat for dinner.

My food and drink were disappointing!

Now i know why people prefer Newton to Lau Pa Sat anytime!!!

The ride back home was fast and *painful*

I lost all sensation in my butt.


I don't see how some people enjoy being pillion riders.

Thankfully Singapore is small.


p/s: i loved every second of my date with you =)