Sunday, November 22, 2009

About turning 25...

I know my birthday was 7 months ago,

but i have to tell you some worthy self discovery that i've made some time AFTER i'd turned a quarter of a century old.

Its only when i turned 25 that i'd learn to be at peace with myself.

There was always something i wanted.

Or something i didn't like about myself.

But at the beginning of this year, I told myself:

there is no way you are going to screw this year up.

You are going to suck it up and take it as it comes.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

And somehow this little threat made to myself worked.

I was a new person.

I actually liked looking at that person in the mirror.

I liked what i was doing with my life.

Where my life was going.

Things seemed to be falling into place, amiin.

And this was BEFORE i met DK.

I'm glad he met me AFTER i'd found myself.

I'm happy.

I may have gained a few pounds but i'm happy.

*i may hv put on weight but i KNOW i'm fit. and i CAN still do a sprint!*
-cos occasionally i sprint for the bus =) -

I take my lemons.

Make a little lemonade and smile.

I whine a lot but I DO IT ANYWAY!

and i GET IT DONE!

So thank you Allah for giving me everything.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

I hope that there's more to come.

And i'll take it all in my stride insyaAllah.

Oh and i've stopped worrying about what OTHER people think.

If im happy and i didn't do any major transgressions, that's between me and God.

I don't WANT to worry about other people.

I worry about myself =)


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Make-Up All Day With Minimal Touch Ups!

In this entry, i'm going to introduce to you one of the items that will help you keep your makeup on all day!

You need two things:

1) a stippling brush

*this is just a dupe brush, any brand will do!*


2) a bottle of e*vian spray

*this retails for $5.90 @ W*atsons*

according to the label on the back of the spray, it says that with frequent use of this product, it increases your skin hydration by 14%.

Ok so normally people spray it directly onto the face, but after watching some videos online,

it seems that its better to spray it directly onto the brush.

So after applying ALL your makeup, take the spray and spray it onto your brush.

flick your wrist to get off the excess moisture,

then just dab it all over your face.

*repeat the steps if you feel like you need to reduce that powdery effect*

it prevents your makeup from having that powdery look after applying the makeup.

your makeup will even out and settle on your face perfectly.

I think this works well especially for those of you who use a powder based foundation.

And i do have to agree that this method really works!

My makeup doesn't slide off my face, and i don't sweat off my makeup.
*which was always the case in the past*

So i hope this helps!

Try it out and let me know how it works out!



The Makeup Junkie
Makeup Review!

The last time i wrote, I was talking about weddings.

And yes.

I have been very pre-occupied with weddings and assignments

plus handling the 'going-not going' deal with my parents Haj plans.

very exhausting

me & my kak ct
*customary fun shot!*

make up came courtesy of the E*lizabeth A*rden set that I bought.

but its not really that clear right


i love how chiseled my cheeks look! =)

i look like i have ACTUAL high cheekbones

me and seri

u can see the makeup a little better here.

i used tulle (my pinkest shade in the palette) and washed it all over my lids,

placed the purple colour 'jewel' tone at the outer corner of my lids for a smokey look.

then using 'smoke' the shimmery light charcoal gray colour to further smoke it out.

i used a pencil brush to contour the eyes and of course a blending brush to blend everything out.

i used pink mauve for my cheeks to give me that flushed and rosy look.

very happy with the result.

colour pay-off is REALLY good.

for longer lasting eyeshadow use a primer!

i'm swearing by my primer now =)

spend that amt. of money on gd QUALITY makeup.

for tomorrow's wedding (Kak Hilmah's),

i'm gg to attempt a simple M*egan F*ox look to match my baju kurung.

now i just have to look for my songket baju kurung and iron it out.




Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Weddings Galore.

November and December watch out.

Lots of weddings to attend!

Most important wedding in November goes to...


Followed by Kak Hilmah and then Nisa.

December weddings include the wedding of those closest and dearest to me.


Zakiah; my girlfriend from secondary school (oh gawd i feel like crying as i type this)

Suddenly it has hit me...

We're all growing up.

No longer nerdy, bespectacled, feeler-ed, long-stockinged Zak.

You're going to be a married lady!

I dunno whether i'll be able to contain my tears on your wedding day.

And then Kha's solemnization.

Oh gawd.


*well promises are meant to be broken right?*

Why are you guys getting married so faaaasssttttttt!!!!!

Stay single longer laaahhhh.

I'm losing my single friends to marriage already!

*gasp gasp*

When did we all grow up?

Current December wedding list:

1) Kha (5/12)

2) Qadr & Juliza (6/12)

3) Zak (12-13/12)

4) Fahrul (13/12)

That's a grand total of EIGHT.

I foresee major wardrobe problems.

I can't possibly recycle them clothes can i?

*cheeky grin*


Review =)

Lizzie Arden review coming your way soon !


The Makeup Junkie

Monday, November 02, 2009

Beauty Find!

Align CenterAttention LASHES!

Sexify your eyes with this baby from R*immel!

I came across this product while aimlessly walking at B*ugis Junction last Friday.

The mascara wand doesn't even look ordinary.

Its got this weird looking ball shapes.

I love the colour of the mascara tube too! HAHA

The mascara is available in two colours, black and black/brown.

What the website says:

Exclusive brush design curves IN to maximize lash loading, curves OUT to curl and de-clump each lash for a complete curved look...

Volumises and curves your lashes in one deft stroke.
I think this is worth getting.

If i'm not mistaken it retails for less than SGD20 so you really get your money's worth.

It's not available at ALL W*atson's stores though so do a little bit of checking out first.

Perhaps those in town stock R*immel

Maybe i'll get this too when i hunt down my shu u*emura lash curler.

Next beauty find that i'm hankering to try is M*ajolica M*ajorca.
I've heard a lot of good things about its eyeliners.

So those of you who've tried it...LET ME KNOW! I want to know.

Its like a bad craving haha.

If you have any cheap but GOOD make-up brands that you want to share, please let me know!

I think i should post up my wish list so it keeps my make-up expenditure in check.


Like that really works.


The Makeup Junkie

No makeup update/review YET!

Still haven't gotten around to trying the Liz Arden set that I purchased.

Maybe tomorrow when i go on my last date with Ayie before he flies off to Thailand for his reservist stint for THREE weeks.

Which means i'll be Ayie-less and Samirian-less for the next 3 weeks.


Received some really surprising/shocking news this morning.

Pretty sad but not till it warrants me to get upset.

But still...i want you to be happy.

You know i'll love you still right?

So now, i'm having a big dilemma over what to wear tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The Makeup Junkie

p/s: i'm still mad at a certain individual who HAS been (and STILL is!) totally selfish for the past 5 months. Disregarding whatever any authoritative figure has to say.
I'll shut up but it won't be for long.
I've had it with you. The universe DOES NOT revolve around you, you little twit.

You have lost all self-respect from me.
You don't even deserve pity.