Saturday, November 21, 2009

Makeup Review!

The last time i wrote, I was talking about weddings.

And yes.

I have been very pre-occupied with weddings and assignments

plus handling the 'going-not going' deal with my parents Haj plans.

very exhausting

me & my kak ct
*customary fun shot!*

make up came courtesy of the E*lizabeth A*rden set that I bought.

but its not really that clear right


i love how chiseled my cheeks look! =)

i look like i have ACTUAL high cheekbones

me and seri

u can see the makeup a little better here.

i used tulle (my pinkest shade in the palette) and washed it all over my lids,

placed the purple colour 'jewel' tone at the outer corner of my lids for a smokey look.

then using 'smoke' the shimmery light charcoal gray colour to further smoke it out.

i used a pencil brush to contour the eyes and of course a blending brush to blend everything out.

i used pink mauve for my cheeks to give me that flushed and rosy look.

very happy with the result.

colour pay-off is REALLY good.

for longer lasting eyeshadow use a primer!

i'm swearing by my primer now =)

spend that amt. of money on gd QUALITY makeup.

for tomorrow's wedding (Kak Hilmah's),

i'm gg to attempt a simple M*egan F*ox look to match my baju kurung.

now i just have to look for my songket baju kurung and iron it out.