Saturday, November 21, 2009

Make-Up All Day With Minimal Touch Ups!

In this entry, i'm going to introduce to you one of the items that will help you keep your makeup on all day!

You need two things:

1) a stippling brush

*this is just a dupe brush, any brand will do!*


2) a bottle of e*vian spray

*this retails for $5.90 @ W*atsons*

according to the label on the back of the spray, it says that with frequent use of this product, it increases your skin hydration by 14%.

Ok so normally people spray it directly onto the face, but after watching some videos online,

it seems that its better to spray it directly onto the brush.

So after applying ALL your makeup, take the spray and spray it onto your brush.

flick your wrist to get off the excess moisture,

then just dab it all over your face.

*repeat the steps if you feel like you need to reduce that powdery effect*

it prevents your makeup from having that powdery look after applying the makeup.

your makeup will even out and settle on your face perfectly.

I think this works well especially for those of you who use a powder based foundation.

And i do have to agree that this method really works!

My makeup doesn't slide off my face, and i don't sweat off my makeup.
*which was always the case in the past*

So i hope this helps!

Try it out and let me know how it works out!



The Makeup Junkie