Saturday, March 22, 2008

A is for...

...a lot of words.

A lot of words begin with A.

Apple lah, Apricot, Agar-agar, angst, angau, angry...

Don't make me go on.

Time check is 3.12am in the mrng.

All of you must be wondering why i'm up after a loooonnng day and after watching the Ct Nurhaliza concert.

Sesungguhnya aku pun tak tau.

My brain and heart are not working in sync anymore.


End note: Seriously!!!?!!!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

T is For Trouble.

Yes...trouble pple.

Trouble spelt with a capital T.

I smelt trouble since yesterday.

Trouble, in my case can also be spelt with an S or an H.

Depending on which way you look at it.

Either way goes actually.



I mean seriously?!

Its been less than 48hours and i've been whipped into a frenzy like this?

I think i've lost my marbles.


Don't mind me.

Just rambling.

Being Strong.

Being strong requires a lot of effort.

A lof of effort in NOT breaking into a hysterical fit of sobs.

A lot of effort in NOT letting it (problem) bother you.

And especially a lot of EFFORT to think about other things when something else seems to consume your every being.

Rewind to 9-10 months ago, when i was in my FINAL semester and having to go through my FINAL exams while nursing a break-up.

It was NOT pretty.

*Ask Nora and Kak An (the teary 7am calls, thanks Kak An)*

Plus, it was 3 days prior to my own ASSIIUM Farewell.

It takes a lot to get it together.

Because you are so emotionally and psychologically SPENT.

It was tiring.

So how did I deal with it?

I threw myself into my studies.

*Thats my flight and not fight system taking place*

And the crap questions that you ask yourself POST-break-up....WHY NOW!!!!!??????

It is emotionally demanding.

And it REALLLY tires you out.

But what works is FRIENDS.

Your support system.

Lean on them.

Cry (cos it really does wonders).

Just don't let it consume your whole life.

THAT my friend will then be the death of you.

I know i'm so far from you my dear Suli.

I'm so sorry that i'm not there to keep you company during exams (remember the sleep-overs? "D )

But i know what you're going thru.


It hurts. Like a Bitch.

But you'll heal.


p/s: All of us Love You Suhaili Saad! Gambatte! to ALL the UIA-ians taking exams! We miss YOU!!!! Come home soon!

Monday, March 17, 2008

This song...

This song just evokes in me emotions i thought i had forgotten.

Yes, this song that's been playing incessantly on my Mp3 player, on blog, friendster, facebook, u name it.

Plus last weekend was such a lousy weekend to have PMS.

I was a blubbering mess starting Friday.

It could be because i had this song playing from 9am till 5.30pm

Or it could also be the fact that my ex-bf was at ROMM getting married.

I thought the date would conveniently slip my mind, seeing how busy I've been.

Apparently not.

And apparently i wasn't over him yet.

It still hurts. It stings and it burns.

Wouldn't YOUR ego have gotten hurt if you'd known that your Ex had been planning a wedding 3 mths after you broke up?

I guess its PERMANENTLY over now.

He's someone else's husband.

And i guess we really weren't meant to be.

I was a blubbering mess yesterday too.

I just had to watch P.S. I Love You on DVD....*stupid, stupid!*

And there i was a crying mess in front of the TV.

I hate when i feel like this.

Its almost been a year now.

I've never been good at putting back the pieces.

I'm still learning.

*I just want myself back...*


Friday, March 14, 2008

-Holding Back Tears-

Tell me how I`m supposed to breathe with no air?

If I should die before I wake
Because you took my breath away
Losing you is like living in a world without no air, oh

I`m here alone, didn`t wanna leave
My heart won`t move, it`s incomplete
Is there an other way I can make you understand?

But how
Do you expect me, to live alone with just me?
`Cause my world revolves around you
It`s so hard for me to breathe

Tell me how I`m supposed to breathe with no air?
Can`t live, can`t breathe with no air
That`s how I feel whenever you ain`t there
There`s no air, no air
Got me out here in the water so deep
Tell me how you gon` be without me?
If you ain`t here I just can`t breathe
There`s no air, no air
No air air,
No air air

I walked, I ran, I jumped,
I took right off the ground to float to you
There`s no gravity to hold me down, for real

But somehow I`m still alive inside
You took my breath but I survived
I don`t know how but I don`t even care

(Repeat Hook)

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Got me here out in the water so deep
Tell me how you gon` be here without me?
If you ain`t here I just can`t breathe
There`s no air, no air
No air air,
No air air

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I've got like the nicest boss in the whole entire world i think.

Wah Lau.

Do you know what he GAVE me?

Not a pay raise but something quite nice still.

He gifted me with a nice new shiny Philips 1GB "Go Gear" Mp3 player.

*courtesy of T*oyota's launch of the new C*orolla A*ltis.*

But was the THOUGHT that counts!

nampak sangat bende² macam gini diorang dah tak pandang.

I feel so bad.

*oh suck it up...*


Saturday, March 08, 2008

Pre-planned Vs. Unplanned.

Today was one of the best outings i've had with the AI girlies + Hafiz.

Moments of momentary lapses PLUS spur of the moment activities planned right there and then.

*notice the use of the word "moment" haha*

Ok i did have my reservations when Hafiz suggested we watch "10,000 BC" instead of the originally PLANNED, "August Rush".

But it actually turned out quite okay, especially with Umi around.

The movie ended up being quite entertaining! :D

So thank you, Hafiz.

After that, we were "supposed" to head on elsewhere, just to jalan-jalan but Zak suddenly felt hesitant or malas as she put it. (It was a perfect day for lazing around)

So we went to Starbucks and had our customary drinks and chat session.

After close to an hour, Hafiz started to get antsy and wanted to get out of Yishun.

Which i thoroughly supported.

So we happily made our way to the MRT without any purpose or reason just to "get out" of yishun.

This was sans Umi cos she had a "hot date"(!!!) *with who arh!*

We finally decided to go to the IT fair. Which made all of us happy.

Have you noticed the SEA of people there!

The crowds were MADDENING!

Went around, but only Azimah came out with a shiny new toy!

I-pod Touch liao!

Haha, we all played the EVIL devil's advocate and "co-erced" her into getting it.

It was fun to see her squirm! *insert evil laughter*

Finally after all the pushing, shoving and jostling with the crowds, we left Suntec to have dinner at Lau Pa Sat.

We WALKED all the way.

From suntec, to marina square, to the esplanade, crossing over to Fullerton, ALLLLL the way to Lau Pa Sat.

Needless to say we worked up quite an appetite for dinner. *we walked abt 2km plus, non-stop!*

We had bbq stingray and kangkong belacan and ordered a plate of honey glazed chicken wings which NEVER materialized.

We were sooo pissed.

Eventually we left with an unsated appetite of glazed chicken wings *haha*

And you know...i left out the best for last.

I had always imagined typing out this post (not the parts prior to this bit though)...

You know the movie "10 Things I Hate About You" which is my FAVOURITE movie of all time.

There's this scene where Katarina Stratford (Julia Stiles) grabs this letter from her dad and hastily tears it open and yells:

I got in? I GOT IN!!!!!

Yes i got MY acceptance letter!!!!!

I was happily bouncing around in the living room, to the kitchen to my bedroom!

*good sigh*


Yes, it was an excruciatingly, more than a month wait for this letter.

And thanks to all those that kept me optimistic and motivated.

Zak, Azimah, Shereen, Umi and Farhan especially.

Not forgetting my Aunt and my Mom for their unwavering support!

Tonight, i'll sleep with a humongous grin on my face!


Monday, March 03, 2008

Letting the Pictures Speak For Themselves...

Not exactly the best picture (too over-exposed) but Hey! There are the girls i spent my leap night with!

Feeling "oh-so-kakak²-kerja" with the exception of Shasha.

Waiting for Farhana.

The "bunga-rampai" girls as appointed by orang yg nak nikah Tunang i mean...hehehe

Me and the girlies having a fine time together.

On the way to Huda's...Yes we WALKED people!

Luckily her house wasn't too far away (and I wasn't wearing impractical shoes) and it WASN'T raining.

The gorgeous Cikgu Huda.

From Her to Him.

Final touch-up. *the mak andam was damn bitchy lor! even the photographer was royally PISSED at her!* Lucky the make-up really looked good!

Sexy pout!

Me & the gorgeous Cikgu! I can't imagine how much MORE gorgeous she's going to get when she takes on the dais on her wedding day.

The gang & Huda

Happy to be FINALLY engaged!

Count dem' flowers people...12 in all. Go figure!

Mr. VAIN himself (or should i say, Ustaz) Izhar, A.K.A. Cikgu Huda's Fiance.

Us at it AGAIN!

It was oddly reassuring that i was back in their company.

Going back to familiarity is something that i CHERISH so much!

We regaled with work anecdotes and witty banter...

Not to mention Izhar's bumbling moment as Imam with Ustaz TM Fouzy behind him. *Hahahahahahah*

Nasir with his less than perfect attire (Jubah singkat beb! Kekek!) as Imam or was it? I forget oredy.

And Izhar's first attempt at giving the khutbah at Istiqamah in "bahasa BAKU!"


Shasha, Dayat (new ASSIIUMer) and myself were not spared from the slip-ups.

Koje (i SWEAR i didn't know Shasha had a N. Sembilan accent) and [h][s] (thats 2 separate phonemes for you) courtesy of Dayat.


Khutbah became "kutbah" ....

Yes. Go laff silently in the corner...

*slip of the tongue LAH!*

I hope you enjoyed this entry.

Cos i sure enjoyed TYPING IT!