Monday, March 17, 2008

This song...

This song just evokes in me emotions i thought i had forgotten.

Yes, this song that's been playing incessantly on my Mp3 player, on blog, friendster, facebook, u name it.

Plus last weekend was such a lousy weekend to have PMS.

I was a blubbering mess starting Friday.

It could be because i had this song playing from 9am till 5.30pm

Or it could also be the fact that my ex-bf was at ROMM getting married.

I thought the date would conveniently slip my mind, seeing how busy I've been.

Apparently not.

And apparently i wasn't over him yet.

It still hurts. It stings and it burns.

Wouldn't YOUR ego have gotten hurt if you'd known that your Ex had been planning a wedding 3 mths after you broke up?

I guess its PERMANENTLY over now.

He's someone else's husband.

And i guess we really weren't meant to be.

I was a blubbering mess yesterday too.

I just had to watch P.S. I Love You on DVD....*stupid, stupid!*

And there i was a crying mess in front of the TV.

I hate when i feel like this.

Its almost been a year now.

I've never been good at putting back the pieces.

I'm still learning.

*I just want myself back...*