Thursday, March 20, 2008

Being Strong.

Being strong requires a lot of effort.

A lof of effort in NOT breaking into a hysterical fit of sobs.

A lot of effort in NOT letting it (problem) bother you.

And especially a lot of EFFORT to think about other things when something else seems to consume your every being.

Rewind to 9-10 months ago, when i was in my FINAL semester and having to go through my FINAL exams while nursing a break-up.

It was NOT pretty.

*Ask Nora and Kak An (the teary 7am calls, thanks Kak An)*

Plus, it was 3 days prior to my own ASSIIUM Farewell.

It takes a lot to get it together.

Because you are so emotionally and psychologically SPENT.

It was tiring.

So how did I deal with it?

I threw myself into my studies.

*Thats my flight and not fight system taking place*

And the crap questions that you ask yourself POST-break-up....WHY NOW!!!!!??????

It is emotionally demanding.

And it REALLLY tires you out.

But what works is FRIENDS.

Your support system.

Lean on them.

Cry (cos it really does wonders).

Just don't let it consume your whole life.

THAT my friend will then be the death of you.

I know i'm so far from you my dear Suli.

I'm so sorry that i'm not there to keep you company during exams (remember the sleep-overs? "D )

But i know what you're going thru.


It hurts. Like a Bitch.

But you'll heal.


p/s: All of us Love You Suhaili Saad! Gambatte! to ALL the UIA-ians taking exams! We miss YOU!!!! Come home soon!