Monday, March 03, 2008

Letting the Pictures Speak For Themselves...

Not exactly the best picture (too over-exposed) but Hey! There are the girls i spent my leap night with!

Feeling "oh-so-kakak²-kerja" with the exception of Shasha.

Waiting for Farhana.

The "bunga-rampai" girls as appointed by orang yg nak nikah Tunang i mean...hehehe

Me and the girlies having a fine time together.

On the way to Huda's...Yes we WALKED people!

Luckily her house wasn't too far away (and I wasn't wearing impractical shoes) and it WASN'T raining.

The gorgeous Cikgu Huda.

From Her to Him.

Final touch-up. *the mak andam was damn bitchy lor! even the photographer was royally PISSED at her!* Lucky the make-up really looked good!

Sexy pout!

Me & the gorgeous Cikgu! I can't imagine how much MORE gorgeous she's going to get when she takes on the dais on her wedding day.

The gang & Huda

Happy to be FINALLY engaged!

Count dem' flowers people...12 in all. Go figure!

Mr. VAIN himself (or should i say, Ustaz) Izhar, A.K.A. Cikgu Huda's Fiance.

Us at it AGAIN!

It was oddly reassuring that i was back in their company.

Going back to familiarity is something that i CHERISH so much!

We regaled with work anecdotes and witty banter...

Not to mention Izhar's bumbling moment as Imam with Ustaz TM Fouzy behind him. *Hahahahahahah*

Nasir with his less than perfect attire (Jubah singkat beb! Kekek!) as Imam or was it? I forget oredy.

And Izhar's first attempt at giving the khutbah at Istiqamah in "bahasa BAKU!"


Shasha, Dayat (new ASSIIUMer) and myself were not spared from the slip-ups.

Koje (i SWEAR i didn't know Shasha had a N. Sembilan accent) and [h][s] (thats 2 separate phonemes for you) courtesy of Dayat.


Khutbah became "kutbah" ....

Yes. Go laff silently in the corner...

*slip of the tongue LAH!*

I hope you enjoyed this entry.

Cos i sure enjoyed TYPING IT!