Sunday, December 24, 2006

Another (Busy?) Weekend

I came home haggard on a saturday morning.

Yes. I reached home on a saturday morning.

That is so NOT my style.

But thankfully its a holiday tomorrow.

I'm just envious of people who don't have classes on fridays.
(They know who they are...blueeekkkzzzz)

So despite being tired, i made my way to my grandparents house in Siglap late yesterday evening.

Took a long bus ride from yishun. Roughly a 45min bus ride.

Surprised my grandparents and they were really pleased to see me back in when am i ever NOT in singapore on a weekend?

My grandfather told me that he's going to hold a big feast on the 13th january next year. He's celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary. He personally requested me to be there...that means another valid reason to come back home.

After the cookies and nuts i devoured, the loving and most adoring bf of mine picked me up after his shift and we headed to yishun for supper.

While one of my best friends is happily cavorting in marital bliss, in Bali, i am here writhing away in pain, especially in my back.

Thanks to the first swimming session. I am so bent out of shape.

Wait till i get that kickboxing vcd i've been eyeing for months.

Till then.


Saturday, December 23, 2006

My Best Friend's Wedding

The bride & the bridesmaid.

Have i told you how much i missed blogging?

I've been so knackered that i can't even bring myself to the pc.

That's how tired i am.

Not to mention that i've already started my swimming classes.

Oh and the whole of this week i've had mishaps with the bus service to and from KL.

My bus that was supposed to send us to KL mysteriously went bust.

The moment it reached Pudu, the bus driver (who really needs to work on his acting skills) told us that the door was spoilt.

So we had to make our way back to UIA ourselves.

Luckily i managed to share a cab with some other people.

Then yesterday, i had a problem with the journey back to singapore.

My bus which was scheduled for 10.30pm was delayed by 3 friggin' hours.

So i finally boarded the bus (which was a tourist bus: i.e. the 2x2 seats or bus persiaran) at 1.15am.

By the time i reached singapore it was already 7am.

And i had to make my way back home by MYSELF after 8 months of being pampered. Haha. Serves me right.

I reached home close to 8am. And i fell straight to bed and rose from the dead at 1.15pm.

I was knackered.


Just enjoy the pics from the wedding.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Why not?

While im still on blogging mode.

And in singapore...hehehhe...

I know i didn't really mention it to many people especially the girls.

But it is a holiday back in KL, more like Selangor, today.

Yes it is the Sultan of Selangor's birthday and i decided to celebrate it by coming home.

In the words of my mother:

"Sultan punyer birthday, dier yang sebok nak celebrate."

To each his own ma.

Anyway, someone is about to turn 22 (FINALLY!)

So i decided to make haste and be the one to wish her a day in advance and to proclaim it to the world

On my blog, no less.

HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY my best bud!

While you have just turned 22, i shall have to contemplate on my 23rd birthday.

Which is coming waaaayyy tooooo fast if you ask me.

By the way, the first week of classes were a bummer.

Not to mention the amount of grief i had to go through in registering for my classes.

Research methodology and World Literature was somehow high in demand this semester.

None of the lecturers or the administrators could foresee this problem so all the sections were practically OVERFLOWING with students.

Coming from a department where lecturer to student ratio is 1:10, you can imagine the amount of problems i had to go through. The begging, pleading and coming-down-on-one-knee act to get into the required course.

Almost did not make it to World Lit. He told me that he was sorry and that i had to wait for the next LONG semester.

FYI i graduate in the short semester which is NEXT semester.

And its my last LONG semester in IIU so why couldn't he make the exception? There were other people whom he could easily bump off but no...he told me to get someone to switch with me.

Eventually, when i did get someone to switch with me, he told me that i could actually join the class since the other section that he opened was roughly the same size as the earlier section.


So this semester, i'll be coming face to face with Prof. Quayum again. Although he isn't officially lecturing the classes and grading us, he will come around some time or other to give us lectures.

So no more case of the fainting student like last semester.

So what does it feel like to be a senior?

Especially since all the other seniors are gone.

Well, its not half bad. Its just that you have to watch what you say and do because you don't want people to accuse you of doing things where the younger students might follow.

Especially when people misconstrue a lot where i belong.

So this semester, i think i'll see a quieter me

Okay now you all know im lying...hohoho

Quieter maybe but i'll probably carry the same amount of zeal as i've always done before.

I am missing some Kak An and Kak Y. And all the other seniors that graduated a looong time ago.

Like Kak CT and Kak D.

It seems really quiet without the whole lot of them now.

Well then, its up to us to make a whole lot of hullabulloo this time round.

I hope i'll be missed this much when i'm not in IIU anymore.



I know, i know...

Me & the AI girlies

I owe like a gajillion photos.

There haven't been much photos here, well, cos blogger can be very un-cooperative.

As you all know.

But nevertheless.

I still lurp you many-many k Blogger?

Now i'll just let the photos do the talking...

The childhood friend getting married next week!

Our other halves.

The Baduts as Huda calls them.

My latest find: This chic looking bag frm Bugis St.

2007 i'm looking forward to...

With this brand spanking new planner which i bought at Berjaya Times' Square's Borders.

For a waaaayy tooo high price of RM49.90.

But it does look pretty.

The friend that got hitched last week: Congrats again Imran n Mysha

Me and the girlies again.

Oh well. There are OTHER photos from the digicam that i have yet to upload into the pc.

The Laptop is resting well inside me pink cupboard in the hostel.

The laptop needs its rest before i get to work and have my baby switched on at all hours.

Have your rest okay baby.

6 DAYS to HER big day.

And i'm the one all excited!


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Back to School.

Yes. I've gone back.

Back to eating in polystrene boxes.

Loving every moment that i have become a senior.


Spare me.

I feel ancient.

Although i am looking forward to attending classes like world lit and discourse analysis.

Not so much of research methodology and the english for academic purposes.

More writing.

Well at least i am comforted by the fact that i can write well by the end of my studies InsyaAllah.

In the mean time.

Its onward to the library for my lit. texts.

I miss you baby.


Counting the days to next thursday.

Meanwhile. Let the mayhem begin.