Sunday, December 24, 2006

Another (Busy?) Weekend

I came home haggard on a saturday morning.

Yes. I reached home on a saturday morning.

That is so NOT my style.

But thankfully its a holiday tomorrow.

I'm just envious of people who don't have classes on fridays.
(They know who they are...blueeekkkzzzz)

So despite being tired, i made my way to my grandparents house in Siglap late yesterday evening.

Took a long bus ride from yishun. Roughly a 45min bus ride.

Surprised my grandparents and they were really pleased to see me back in when am i ever NOT in singapore on a weekend?

My grandfather told me that he's going to hold a big feast on the 13th january next year. He's celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary. He personally requested me to be there...that means another valid reason to come back home.

After the cookies and nuts i devoured, the loving and most adoring bf of mine picked me up after his shift and we headed to yishun for supper.

While one of my best friends is happily cavorting in marital bliss, in Bali, i am here writhing away in pain, especially in my back.

Thanks to the first swimming session. I am so bent out of shape.

Wait till i get that kickboxing vcd i've been eyeing for months.

Till then.