Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Go Blog!

Aaaaccckkkk its already Wednesday and i've just realised that i havent blogged since Sunday! Sheeesh...what is wrong with you Maryam...

Anyways...i never got the chance to write abt my little soiree with 2 gal of them ive known for quite some time and the other, someone i just got to know very recently due to our very similar pasts...ahakz...yup jerk in common alright.
Anyways Linda and I have many friends in common anyway and its so strange ive never seen her in my area FOR LIKE 20 YRS!!! (belum ader jodoh nak jumpa agaknyer khekehkehek)...

KL seems to be really smoggy of late...and really HOT...classes are fine. Im surviving. So far so good...still have one take home test to complete and a quiz to study for next complains (as yet!)...

I miss home so badly...had a tiff with you-know-who (and no im not going to disclose who that person is)...i hate being so far from home and missing out on all the action...

Finally on to the serious bit...i finally broke down yesterday thanks to a whole brigade of PMS soldiers raiding my whole nervous system. I cried and i cried and i cried...felt enormously better after that...wrote a bit in my writing journal and i looked back on all the past entries. I realised that whatever i wrote was bunch of BULL and that i just completely wasted myself for 10mths. It hurt a really did...i still condemn that asshole to hell...he is one bastard who doesnt have a heart (is he even human at all???) still alive and im better off now than ever (khekhekekehkeh)...but ive hurt a lot and i want him to my Drama lecturer said: Each person has a responsibility to the society...this is my bit to society...he'll pay alright...damn straight he will...


Now where did my prince charming go...hmmm...

Sunday, June 27, 2004

What? Its Sunday Already???

Pretty much a lazy weekend for me...although i must say it turned out pretty great so far. Met you-know-who on friday...the poor guy came back frm france tht mrng and insisted that i meet him that day at 9.30am! He surprised me with this little bear (that he got from France) that was sprayed with his HUGO BOSS perfume...khekehkehek...i lurve that bear to bits now...gonna take it back to KL wif me! after we met he went back to work and didnt sms me at all! kehekhekhe poor thing jet-lagged habis...blood-shot-eyes...he smsed me sat mrng and said he missed me...auwwww...geez i dunno where its going wif this guy...takper, jual mahal...

Met sabreena at bugis...had dinner...lots of nice im hankering for singapore style chix rice...mmm yummy...Arab's abg angkat saw us having dinner together and took like a dozen doubletakes...ahakz...sure to report to him..."hey arab ur ex-gf's are having dinner together now"...muahahahahahah...i'd love to see his reaction...den sabreena and i went myself something really nice! 2 things frm topshop -top secret- & gloss and a replacement of tweezers [finally] frm bodyshop...nice! the things i wanted to get...errrkkkkk...all never get...wasted...

Well tomorrow meeting Waa...maybe Linda NJ(who live blardy close to my block!)...another ex...muahahahahah...take that u ARSE!...mmmmmmmm...dreaming abt the strawberry frap...mouthwatering goodness...going back tonight fast...gonna mish him...4 more days in KL till i come back on thursday evening...haiz...gonna catch up wif many pple soon i think...just ticking the days off from my fingers...


[off in search of the best chicken rice...REX i guess???]
Rolling in The Gold, does that mean i'll be RICH one day?

Which [5 Elements] are you?

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Sugar & Spice With a Dash Of Naughtiness!

Naughty but be the judge...i know where i stand khekhekhekehkeh...

Are You Naughty or Nice?

Friday, June 25, 2004

In Singapore...Again???

Yes thats right im back...really tired...first time in a month that ive made the trip frm KL and back to Singapore again...really gonna be hard repeating the process again...i miss my Peeps!!! Azimah going to start work oredi and so is Umi...i never thought i'd see the day coming when we would all start working and pursuing our own careers and stuff. Zakky u doing with the braces and stuff???


turn back the time please...i feel so old...

got back last night and took the mrt back home from woodlands and there was this guy sitting across me who happened to be sleeping...i took a closer look and upon further inspection, his shirt had like a big drool patch on the front of his shirt. he kept like falling sideways (guess he was really tired)and in between the journey frm admiralty to sembawang...his body kinda spasmed like someone in a fit and his eyes immediately flew open. My eyes were immediately transfixed on this droplet of spit on his lower lip -evil laughter- he quickly licked it and suddenly i think he realised that he was approaching sembawang mrt stn. Upon arriving at sembawang, he got off and took the train on the opposite side of the track -muahahhahahaha- poor chap...tht was indeed a memorable trip back home kkehkkhekehkehekeh...more adventures await...wait till i pen them down


Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Hip hip horraaayyy!

Ok, so its day 3 of Semester far so good...although i wish the History lecturer was a bit more lively...i have a feeling that I'll need to bring like tidbits into her class just to keep myself awake. Anyways, i havent turned up for like two of my classes this sem...kinda sceptical...dunno how im going to fare cos they are totally foreign subjects to me. Hopefully all will go fine.

Spent yesterday by attending my intro to history and integrated lang. skill classes and then bumped into a friend of mine, asked me whether i wanted to tag along to the Ong Thye Kim (its a supermarket by the way) area to solve her poor vision prob. (forgot to bring glasses frm singapore)and so she opted to get a pair of contact lenses. So we got to the optometrist and she tried to help my friend to get her to wear the contacts and it took a bloody hour for her to get used to the fact that she had something in her eye. She spent close to half an hour just to insert ONE contact lens into her right eye. Me and my other friend were bloody bored and hungry by then. She finally ended up NOT buying the contact lens and then we headed off for dinner.

The dinner was FANTASTIC. I had mushroom fried rice and my friends had some other stuff. I took a bite of my friend's cheese nan bread and it was like heaven melting into yor mouth. It was so superb. What was funny was, after we ordered our food with the waiter, we turned the menu to the last page and saw that there was THOSAI!!!! and we were all hankering for it. we were all so stoked that we said we'd order thosai after we finished our meals. Unfortunately, our bellies were so full we couldnt stomach another bite! ahakz...well thats thosai for another day i i'll be leaving tomorrow....YIPEEEEEEEE! So see you guys soon!

Toodles from KL

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Hey ho peeps...alah terharunya aku baca Waa nyer blog! (I mean i feel soo touched after reading Waa's blog!) kehkehekhekhe.'s another pissed off day! Lets just say since last night at abt 7 plus, due to some sort of water shortage, my hostel ended up with no waterrrrrrr.....had to like pee so badly in the middle of the night! Ugh and i was so lazy to go over to the next block (and not knowing wat could happen to me) i just went to he loo and luckily i had some wet tissues around. AAAAAAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Crap-a-doodle-doo i tell you.....always must have something go wrong at the beginning of the semester....cant anything go right? Haiz...i have another problem to face which is i have to take another extra classs to fulfill my credit hours... I'm on some damnes waiting list. I realllllyyyy reallllyyy hope i can get in. This morning wanted to blog but then too many people in the library and as i write this in the Human Sciences computer lab, there are like a dozen people like reading as i write this behind me.

To Zakky and ma sec sch pals.... pls get back to me by FRIDAAAAAYYY! so that we can go for that piknik!

To aridewa: Gi update cepat lerrrrrrr! Aku masih nak tau wat telah happened!

To all the people who miss me, Lady M i miss you too lah...jgn sedih2 k? Next time kiter gi hang....sorry i tak turun gig last Saturday...i tak tau pun (anyway i turun bedok nak gi belasah satu jantan ni tapi dier tak show! phuck!), we will catch up soon! I'll be back this weekend y'all! -Muackz-
P.S: I'll try my best to blog regularly k?

Monday, June 21, 2004

Safe & Sound

To all my ardent fans (ahakz, macam maner nyer besar nyer star gitu) i miss you all, just to say that im safely back at campus and that im going through an arduous process getting my classes...Had a rough night, bumpy ride, stiff seats and restless journey overall. Finally reached campus at 7am(!) and havent slept since! For today khekehkeh i practically worked up the nerve to actually wear a baju kurung....crazy nut! Last minute decision cos i was soooo lazy to go and iron anything else.'ll be a busy week (tomorrow & thursday especially; back to back classes frm 8.30 am to 5.00pm!!!) so insya'Allah i'll try and write...till then, au revoir!


Sunday, June 20, 2004

Nabbing the Crook

Yesterday i went thru a roller coaster of emotions...too many in fact. When all the incidents were rehashed again and simply tore my heart and brain to can such a felon and serial playboy like this exist!!! What happened yesterday might seem strange to some but i met Sabrina and Nora, 2 more victims (and counting) of Arab's adventure...who does he think he is man?! Next week we are gonna tear him to pieces and he would wish he never lived to see the day -bluargh-

After that i hung out with sabrina and we headed down to Suntec to go see Imran...God help me...i seem to be close to these people from Anakmelayu no matter wat...i've gotten friendships that i'd never imagine...and its surreal to see that friendships bloom in the uncanniest manner. Imran is so of luck sabrina...hehehe i think you need it *chuckles in delight*

im going back tonight and i don't want to!!!! havent packed, havent seen my close friends...i mish them starting school friends, definitely...more work...i guess so...till then,

Saturday, June 19, 2004

What Feelings???

Lately...ive just been do i describe it...EMPTY. I suppose its because of all the recent events that have gotten to me. Too much has happened in too little a short time frame. Now that I'm going back to KL and resume campus life for the next 2-3 months...i realise that this break really opened my eyes. Right now...i don't really know who i am anymore.
Im on the path of self discovery once more. I hope that this time it will open new doors for me and a brighter future perhaps. Most of all...i really miss the old me. I cant seem to remember who she was anymore...isnt that just disappointing?
Is it too much to ask for when u just want something so badly but u're JUST out of reach? I feel like im hovering in between 2 trying hard to reach the next level. I feel so out of myself. I don't know what to look forward to anymore. I cannot trust MY judgement anymore. Does this mean that i'll have to rely on another person...but then again can i even trust that other person? (I know im talking in circles but its just how my train of thought works, so bear with me)
One more thing that i'd like to add is the fact that I seem to have forsaken a friend and it was mentioned implicitly in her blog. Is it cos i have too many friends??? Can i possibly make time for all of them and not hurt anyone's feelings? But i do have to apologise...i might have been shallow. I might have made excuses but I AM SORRY. I hope she forgives me. She was there when i needed her and i dont think ive been there for her most of the time. So i'll say it again...Im REALLY SORRY. I dont know how i'll make it up to her but i surely will.
I've finally gotten my class schedule...I'll be busy on tuesdays and thursdays with literally back to back classes...wondering how i'll manage. HOWEVER, the silver lining in this is that i have NO classes on mondays, wednesdays and fridays...but i'd like to squeeze one more class on monday to make up for what seems to me as lack of credits to graduate afternoon class that is so that i wont miss any monday classes if im tired from the journey back to campus the previous night whopeeeee! I'll definitely miss blogging, miss reading pples blogs and miss all my friends and family all over again (Yes i still do miss these things even though i come back weekly!)
I want to wish the 2 pple i thought were made for each other the best of luck in their individual undertakings in the future...
TO THE GUY: You could have at least waited a month or two before getting with another person....have a heart for the other party.I'm kinda disappointed too cos i kinda looked up to the both of you as "the perfect couple". guess things don't come perfect anymore these days. I'm also disappointed cos i never thought you'd stoop this low.

TO THE GERL (i just hope you read this): I feel for you...i know how it feels like to have to throw 10 mths in the trash. Your efforts were indeed immense in preserving the sanctity of tht r'ship. i know you'll move on cos u're one of the most strongest individuals ive ever known and i still look up to you.

Now then, back to my search for prince charming....

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Wat Do You Do When You're Caught In The Middle?

I dunno...might be caught in something...lets just pray it isnt wat i think it is. But if it does wat the heck rite?...not that i really why am i worried?...havent even met in person...or is it cos our pasts really crossed paths...just don't want you to hurt anymore gurl...honestly you scare me...I love to be loved...still yearn for it...still reeling from the shock (not mine though, but a friend's)...its sad...what has the world become?...i don't even know how the world got to this some people ended up this way...i want to love again...but is it even possible?..lost judgement...but not in the Almighty (syukur Alhamdullillah)...i do know one thing though...i have to thank HIM for turning me into an even stronger least i have my family and're no one....
maryam may explode without warning


Tell Me Something I Don't Already Know

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Shall i incure my wrath again on you? Watch Out!

Making our way to town seemed like an adventure race cum comedy skit for me and my sis yesterday.

First, we made out way to Toa Payoh thinking that there was a straight bus from the interchange there to Far East Shopping Center. Sadly, I was mistaken. Then we had to go back to the MRT station to catch the train to Orchard Road. Upon boarding the train, there were 2 chinese girls in there, one very skinny and the other a bit plump. The plump chinese gerl was wearing a toga top but(ahakz) she had a piece of flesh that hung out from her armpit that really made her look undesirable. After scrutinising their attire my sis and I just took a while to shut up. But little did we know that when we shut up these girls conversation really just knocked the wind out of us.
I know that our mother's have told us repeatedly not to eavesdrop on one's conversation. But in situations like this when the train is packed you really don't have much of a choice. They're teenagers of about 17-18 yrs old, talking about RETIREMENT & DEATH! I mean wtf! Get another conversation topic man. What i overheard:

1st gerl: I'd like to retire in Singapore but eventually i'd like to retire in New Zealand
(at this point i turn ard to look at my sister whose face had gone slack after hearing what they had to say)

2nd gerl: Well, singapore is expensive i must say (blah blah blah)

1st gerl: Well i'd live to a ripe old age where i can get to see all my granchildren. im very healthy.(me & sis start to snigger)

2nd gerl: well i think i'll die first cos my parents have this history or lung cancer and high blood pressure(WATEVER!!!)

1st gerl(not wanting to be outdone she says): well we're all gonna die one day its just that we don't know when.(my sister was almost hysterical when she heard this)

Luckily for us the train had pulled into Orchard MRT stn where we just cldnt take it and started to laugh like a pack of wild hyenas! Psycho kids these days.

The other incident happened on the way home. After shopping wif ma gals, we all went off and me and ma sis and cuz boarded the train toward marina so that we'd get a chance to sit(it being the rush hour back home) upon reaching city hall on the way towards yishun, a stunning looking malay lady who is pregnant boarded the train. Long hair & beautifully made face which glowed (pregnancy really makes u radiate!) She wore a fitting brilliant blue shirt that covered her protruding belly and a long black skirt that reached her ankles. We just couldnt stop staring at her. Me and ma sis were lke commenting how pretty she was and how beautifully pregnant she looked. At this point we already approached Somerset MRT stn when my sister said wif a chuckle escaping her lips:

We shld have given her our seat!!!

We were so engrossed ogling the pretty pregnant lady that we totally forgot our manners kehkehekehkhe. Stupidity at its best.
That was definitely one of my most favourite mrt rides ever!!! Toodles!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Disappointed: Italy drew with Denmark (0-0)
mood: PISSED

Therefore Sweden are now top of Table 3 with 3 points following a win over Bulgaria (5-0)
Italy can do so much better soo down right now. Dah lah takder Starhub Cable Sports channels...instead of giving Disney channel asal lah dier tak bagi Star Sports ke ataupun SuperSports. Urrrgggghhhhh! Bengang tul org-org ni semua.

Finally i manage to get the image to reappear AGAIN mistake....i forgot to replace the bloody link to my image as pointed out by Lady Leia.
Anyways i met Marliana yesterday and she bestowed me with this pretty trinket she got me when she went Jakarta! It was a pretty necklace with an 'M' for its pendant! Mulled along aimlessly in Northpoint to pass time and bumped into Azura next! Was so happy to see her that i tagged along with her and her sis and her mom. That's how bored i was.
Finally made a move and went to Cold Storage to go get some lunch for my sis and me. Some nice and tasty pasta mix. Yummy. Took the bus home and then went to collect my skirt that i sent for an alteration. Spent the whole day at home wif ma sis and also her ex-bf (which until today i cant seem to figure out what their relationship is)
Spent the WHOLE day surfing the net. Trying to refigure my distorted looking blog template but still to no avail. I guess the night's rest did some good for my brain.
I got back my results last night! Wohoooo!!!!!! I got an A for Intensive Expository Writing, a B+ for my Bahasa Nusantara 2 and a disappointing C for my Linguistics paper. Felt bummed out by that. What bummed me out and stressed me out even more was the fact the my STUUUPPIIIDDDD IE refuses to display the page to my school's website! Ugh! And its the day of registration! It is sooooo pissing me off! I'm afraid that I won't be able to register for my courses fo the next semesterrrr! Hellllppppp!
And today is finally the day that i get to spend wif ma homies shopping! (wat else) very timely indeed to celebrate my A! kehekhekehkeh. Even "You Know Who" said: wow dats my girl, im happy for you *delete word here*. well done! i was practically blushing to my roots! kehekhekhe he's so sweet *gushes*
Anyway i gotta run now...toodles. I'll save the juicy bits for tonight.

Monday, June 14, 2004


For all the soccer fans and fanatics i've added a link for all you soccer crazy fans! Forza azzurri!!!

i wanted tea with milk but my mom forgot to empty the coffee from the coffee maker and i ended up with a mix of coffee and tea solution....*bluargh* KIDS, please do not try this at home.

The weekend went okay except when I found out that SOMEONE is going to France. What a bugger. Damn. And there i'm stuck in school beginning my new semester. I just HOPE that he brings me a nice trinket at least when he comes back. Spent my Saturday at home...practically moping around the house. Ugh...Saturday completely SUCKED big time.
Sunday was a LOT better. My parents and my two brothers left for Cameron Highlands. "WOOTNESS" as Zak puts it. They left late last night and even before they got out of the house, my sister was already doing a victory dance (ahakz!). Earlier in the day i finally managed to do some shopping. Been a while since i actually did some shopping. I was totally pleased with my buys. The denim skirt which i have been looking for finally fell into my lap! ekhekehkehkeh Got it at such a bargain & imagine the surprise i got when i went to the cashier to pay for the skirt, they slashed another 20% off the price! that was a really pleasant surprise! It definitely made my day.
Now i cant wait to go out shopping with my gerls Su and Waa! Its been a long time since we hung out together.
I'm NOT looking forward to going back to campus. It's kind of a drag. I'm trying not to think about it. Don't want to leave. Really don't want to. Don't want stuff to go awry again. Everytime i leave something bad is bound to happen in my life. I'm too emotionally drained right now to go through with everything again. I still feel hurt and betrayed. I always wonder what i've done wrong. Have i ever been mean to anyone? Did i hurt anyone to deserve all this? Seeking solace is hard. It's always a hard thing to do, cos it always seems to me like a slap in the face.
Well life goes on and I'm trying hard to forget it. No problem so far and i don't foresee any further glitches. Its just that i really wanna hit the asshole but what good is that gonna do? No one really knows what I'm going through. It just sucks when you personally have to scrape yourself off the floor and blow yourself up again. It just takes up too much energy and too much effort. I even wonder why I even bother sometimes...

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Another day gone by...
Well, another hot sunny day, perfect for spending time outside. But unfortuantely i wasnt out there to enjoy that. I swear i think my mom is going menopausal, she's getting crankier by the day. At least i'll be having the house to myself soon! (read: they're going way to cameron highlands and im staying behind!!!! whopeeeeee!!!!) more time to maself and ma honey and ma frens!
btw my pics are up go take a look see and gimme a shout out aight?

Friday, June 11, 2004

i had a blast last night!
it was the best outing i've had in months and months and months. i ended up wearing my pinstipe tailored pants and my white blouse and black tudung. pretty simple. we had a feast last night and umi, i must say was the mistress of entertainment that night. she told us stories of her hospital internship and tickled us pink with her first experience in the operating theatre. i think i'll remember that story for a long while.
pictures were taken and we all made our way back finally after 10pm. our journey back was even more memorable when another ex-schoolmate of ours boarded the train and boy did he have the look of surprise when he took a look and there he saw all his ex-AISS mates sitting pretty in a row! will be up soon so just hang on k?
And zak, i must say you really take nice pics (especially of me! ahakz) pls, become my personal photographer?? pweety pwease!?

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Marriage Wisdom

You have two choices in life: you can stay single and be miserable, or get married and wish you were dead.
Getting married is very much like going to a restaurant with friends. You order what you want, then when you see what the other person has, you wish you had ordered that.
At the cocktail party, one woman said to another, Aren't you wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger?" The other women replied, "Yes I am, I married the wrong man."
After a quarrel, a husband said to his wife, "You know, I was a fool when I married you." She replied, "Yes dear, but I was in love and didn't notice."
A lady inserted an ‘ad’ in the classifieds: "Husband wanted". Next day she received a hundred letters. They all said the same thing: "You can have mine."

an excerpt from a fellow blogger: (or Anis as she is known)
this excerpt completely tickled my insides.
Anyway just to update, I STILL HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT TO WEAR TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s: i'll have pics to upload tonight! so watch for them!!!!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Yeay mommy is back and has landed in singapore oredi! Wonder wat she bought for me kehkehkehkehekhekhekh....right now im in a dilemma. What to wear to tomorrow's dinner with the girls? Ponder and ponder some more.....i'll tell you when i decide.

Monday, June 07, 2004

ps: my mom went to sweden and left me in charge of my bros and sis.
i have to do the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry....arrrgggghhhhhhhh. its stressing me out. im 20 and i need a life! im on holiday here, gimme a break!
crystal heart
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Quite true really...
My Floorball Pics

My yjcian floorball juniors

my floorball kakis; the old and the new. sorry it cldnt be clearer

the floorball beauties! norsiah & me

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Ok finally i get to blog. Some strange problem wif blogger the past few days.
Well anyway i had a great day today.
Nice game of floorball...but unfortunately we lost. Yeah. Thanks to the lack of players on the senior team. But i must say. We did play well despite the slight disadvantage. Especially after a hiatus of 2 yrs of not playing together as a team. Loved today's game though. Although it was tooooooo tiring.
Yesterday's training was sooooo terrible. So stressful i kinda like hurt ma knee. Everytime i wanna stretch it, the cartiledge (is this how u spell it?) kinda hurts.
I almost passed out after training when i got home yesterday. I was that tired.
My mom's away and its been taking more of a toll on me more than i've expected. I wonder how she does it sometimes.
Tomorrow going out wif my suga-daddy! kehkehekhek (i hope!)
cya all next time!

Saturday, June 05, 2004

lets just say that this day wasnt much different from all the other days. Although i got to chat to a VERY cute guy online. ahakz
tomorrow: still thinking abt whether to go to saf yacht club and try wakeboarding thanx to a generous offer from a friend.But, it'll have to be after floorball. How am i going to tahan????? Helllllppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 04, 2004

How down on you luck can you be?

Ask 6 people to go watch a movie with you and all are busy.
End up watching movie alone after 2 days being stuck at home.
Shrek 2 didn't even seem that funny after watching it solo.
Wanted to get something but pay hadn't come in yet. Still after so long. Cashless.
Went to the library next to borrow some books and guess what??
Had unpaid fines which denied me the opportunity of reading a book!

Arrrrgggghhhhh what else is gonna go wrong?

Thursday, June 03, 2004

It cuts deep into my wound;
I draw strength from its pain.
The embers glow brightly in the dark of the night;
Waiting for the calm of storm to whip up the frenzy again.
This vicious cycle,
Where one begins and one ends is unknown.
While the phoenix hibernates;
It stirs,
Feeling the heat of a boiling rage.
It settles down once more as the ashes of the former flame is put out.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Seems like that there aren't many people i know today online in kinda getting boring...maybe i'll just quit altogether.
So bored today. Woke up late today (hah wats new?) and then straight to the kitchen. NO, not to eat but to prepare lunch. The meds must have really gotten to me till i couldn't even hear my alarm. Woke up eventually at ten and then started preparing nasi lemak straight away. All that ended at 12pm and then i finally had my lunch.
Surfed the net from then till about now. So bored cos no one's blog has been updated recently so there's no interesting read today. Today's wednesday and i cant waitttt for tomorrow! Shafiq's coming gonna drag him out with me even if it kills him tomorrow kehkehkehkehe.
My sis totally messed my plans. She brought my little bro and herself to watch Shrek 2 without me! Now i dunno who to watch it with! Ughhhhhh....i can't believe she didn't even tell me that she wanted to go watch it the other day.
Guess i'll go watch it tomorrow then...maybe i'll get Shafiq to bring me wahakz..(save sikit duit akooo!!)
Anyways preps slowly turing to action. We finally decided on the date for the BBQ and i hope most of them get to come. Can't wait for it to finally turn to reality.
I think i'll just go watch the telly. Oooohh Christina Aquilera's on...cya!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

After a lot of over exertion yesterday...i came down with a nasty fever and flu. Luckily enuf i took my meds quicky and then went straight to bed after watching a little of Deep Blue (is that the name of the movie anyway?)
Woke up with my back all sore and stiff. All thanks to the workout i had yesterday. Still frustrated that i didn't put in a goal. Well there's always this Sunday.
We're gonna have a floorball friendly between the Seniors of YJC and the Juniors. Its gonna be a blast i bet. I unfortuntely have to babysit my brother so i guess I'll have to bring him along. Its okay though, i think he's gonna enjoy watching us all play.
Woke up this morning to Shafiq's msg...he'll be away for a while so i won't see him i guess the rest of this week. Seems like i've been seeing quite a lot of him. But i'm just there for the friendship. He's a cool guy once you get to know him.
Its been quite an easy time for me to get over Abdillah. Strangely enough. Maybe we didn't really connect the way i though we did. I think that's it. Well what's done is done and nothing can be undone. I can't believe that im now on the prowl again for new innocents (ahakz...sounds so evil right?) Buts its been really fun. Guess i missed singlehood more than i thought.
Anyway my meds are really taking over my brain now.