Tuesday, June 01, 2004

After a lot of over exertion yesterday...i came down with a nasty fever and flu. Luckily enuf i took my meds quicky and then went straight to bed after watching a little of Deep Blue (is that the name of the movie anyway?)
Woke up with my back all sore and stiff. All thanks to the workout i had yesterday. Still frustrated that i didn't put in a goal. Well there's always this Sunday.
We're gonna have a floorball friendly between the Seniors of YJC and the Juniors. Its gonna be a blast i bet. I unfortuntely have to babysit my brother so i guess I'll have to bring him along. Its okay though, i think he's gonna enjoy watching us all play.
Woke up this morning to Shafiq's msg...he'll be away for a while so i won't see him i guess the rest of this week. Seems like i've been seeing quite a lot of him. But i'm just there for the friendship. He's a cool guy once you get to know him.
Its been quite an easy time for me to get over Abdillah. Strangely enough. Maybe we didn't really connect the way i though we did. I think that's it. Well what's done is done and nothing can be undone. I can't believe that im now on the prowl again for new innocents (ahakz...sounds so evil right?) Buts its been really fun. Guess i missed singlehood more than i thought.
Anyway my meds are really taking over my brain now.