Sunday, June 06, 2004

Ok finally i get to blog. Some strange problem wif blogger the past few days.
Well anyway i had a great day today.
Nice game of floorball...but unfortunately we lost. Yeah. Thanks to the lack of players on the senior team. But i must say. We did play well despite the slight disadvantage. Especially after a hiatus of 2 yrs of not playing together as a team. Loved today's game though. Although it was tooooooo tiring.
Yesterday's training was sooooo terrible. So stressful i kinda like hurt ma knee. Everytime i wanna stretch it, the cartiledge (is this how u spell it?) kinda hurts.
I almost passed out after training when i got home yesterday. I was that tired.
My mom's away and its been taking more of a toll on me more than i've expected. I wonder how she does it sometimes.
Tomorrow going out wif my suga-daddy! kehkehekhek (i hope!)
cya all next time!