Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Seems like that there aren't many people i know today online in kinda getting boring...maybe i'll just quit altogether.
So bored today. Woke up late today (hah wats new?) and then straight to the kitchen. NO, not to eat but to prepare lunch. The meds must have really gotten to me till i couldn't even hear my alarm. Woke up eventually at ten and then started preparing nasi lemak straight away. All that ended at 12pm and then i finally had my lunch.
Surfed the net from then till about now. So bored cos no one's blog has been updated recently so there's no interesting read today. Today's wednesday and i cant waitttt for tomorrow! Shafiq's coming gonna drag him out with me even if it kills him tomorrow kehkehkehkehe.
My sis totally messed my plans. She brought my little bro and herself to watch Shrek 2 without me! Now i dunno who to watch it with! Ughhhhhh....i can't believe she didn't even tell me that she wanted to go watch it the other day.
Guess i'll go watch it tomorrow then...maybe i'll get Shafiq to bring me wahakz..(save sikit duit akooo!!)
Anyways preps slowly turing to action. We finally decided on the date for the BBQ and i hope most of them get to come. Can't wait for it to finally turn to reality.
I think i'll just go watch the telly. Oooohh Christina Aquilera's on...cya!