Sunday, June 20, 2004

Nabbing the Crook

Yesterday i went thru a roller coaster of emotions...too many in fact. When all the incidents were rehashed again and simply tore my heart and brain to can such a felon and serial playboy like this exist!!! What happened yesterday might seem strange to some but i met Sabrina and Nora, 2 more victims (and counting) of Arab's adventure...who does he think he is man?! Next week we are gonna tear him to pieces and he would wish he never lived to see the day -bluargh-

After that i hung out with sabrina and we headed down to Suntec to go see Imran...God help me...i seem to be close to these people from Anakmelayu no matter wat...i've gotten friendships that i'd never imagine...and its surreal to see that friendships bloom in the uncanniest manner. Imran is so of luck sabrina...hehehe i think you need it *chuckles in delight*

im going back tonight and i don't want to!!!! havent packed, havent seen my close friends...i mish them starting school friends, definitely...more work...i guess so...till then,