Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Hip hip horraaayyy!

Ok, so its day 3 of Semester far so good...although i wish the History lecturer was a bit more lively...i have a feeling that I'll need to bring like tidbits into her class just to keep myself awake. Anyways, i havent turned up for like two of my classes this sem...kinda sceptical...dunno how im going to fare cos they are totally foreign subjects to me. Hopefully all will go fine.

Spent yesterday by attending my intro to history and integrated lang. skill classes and then bumped into a friend of mine, asked me whether i wanted to tag along to the Ong Thye Kim (its a supermarket by the way) area to solve her poor vision prob. (forgot to bring glasses frm singapore)and so she opted to get a pair of contact lenses. So we got to the optometrist and she tried to help my friend to get her to wear the contacts and it took a bloody hour for her to get used to the fact that she had something in her eye. She spent close to half an hour just to insert ONE contact lens into her right eye. Me and my other friend were bloody bored and hungry by then. She finally ended up NOT buying the contact lens and then we headed off for dinner.

The dinner was FANTASTIC. I had mushroom fried rice and my friends had some other stuff. I took a bite of my friend's cheese nan bread and it was like heaven melting into yor mouth. It was so superb. What was funny was, after we ordered our food with the waiter, we turned the menu to the last page and saw that there was THOSAI!!!! and we were all hankering for it. we were all so stoked that we said we'd order thosai after we finished our meals. Unfortunately, our bellies were so full we couldnt stomach another bite! ahakz...well thats thosai for another day i i'll be leaving tomorrow....YIPEEEEEEEE! So see you guys soon!

Toodles from KL