Friday, June 11, 2004

i had a blast last night!
it was the best outing i've had in months and months and months. i ended up wearing my pinstipe tailored pants and my white blouse and black tudung. pretty simple. we had a feast last night and umi, i must say was the mistress of entertainment that night. she told us stories of her hospital internship and tickled us pink with her first experience in the operating theatre. i think i'll remember that story for a long while.
pictures were taken and we all made our way back finally after 10pm. our journey back was even more memorable when another ex-schoolmate of ours boarded the train and boy did he have the look of surprise when he took a look and there he saw all his ex-AISS mates sitting pretty in a row! will be up soon so just hang on k?
And zak, i must say you really take nice pics (especially of me! ahakz) pls, become my personal photographer?? pweety pwease!?