Friday, June 25, 2004

In Singapore...Again???

Yes thats right im back...really tired...first time in a month that ive made the trip frm KL and back to Singapore again...really gonna be hard repeating the process again...i miss my Peeps!!! Azimah going to start work oredi and so is Umi...i never thought i'd see the day coming when we would all start working and pursuing our own careers and stuff. Zakky u doing with the braces and stuff???


turn back the time please...i feel so old...

got back last night and took the mrt back home from woodlands and there was this guy sitting across me who happened to be sleeping...i took a closer look and upon further inspection, his shirt had like a big drool patch on the front of his shirt. he kept like falling sideways (guess he was really tired)and in between the journey frm admiralty to sembawang...his body kinda spasmed like someone in a fit and his eyes immediately flew open. My eyes were immediately transfixed on this droplet of spit on his lower lip -evil laughter- he quickly licked it and suddenly i think he realised that he was approaching sembawang mrt stn. Upon arriving at sembawang, he got off and took the train on the opposite side of the track -muahahhahahaha- poor chap...tht was indeed a memorable trip back home kkehkkhekehkehekeh...more adventures await...wait till i pen them down