Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Finally i manage to get the image to reappear AGAIN mistake....i forgot to replace the bloody link to my image as pointed out by Lady Leia.
Anyways i met Marliana yesterday and she bestowed me with this pretty trinket she got me when she went Jakarta! It was a pretty necklace with an 'M' for its pendant! Mulled along aimlessly in Northpoint to pass time and bumped into Azura next! Was so happy to see her that i tagged along with her and her sis and her mom. That's how bored i was.
Finally made a move and went to Cold Storage to go get some lunch for my sis and me. Some nice and tasty pasta mix. Yummy. Took the bus home and then went to collect my skirt that i sent for an alteration. Spent the whole day at home wif ma sis and also her ex-bf (which until today i cant seem to figure out what their relationship is)
Spent the WHOLE day surfing the net. Trying to refigure my distorted looking blog template but still to no avail. I guess the night's rest did some good for my brain.
I got back my results last night! Wohoooo!!!!!! I got an A for Intensive Expository Writing, a B+ for my Bahasa Nusantara 2 and a disappointing C for my Linguistics paper. Felt bummed out by that. What bummed me out and stressed me out even more was the fact the my STUUUPPIIIDDDD IE refuses to display the page to my school's website! Ugh! And its the day of registration! It is sooooo pissing me off! I'm afraid that I won't be able to register for my courses fo the next semesterrrr! Hellllppppp!
And today is finally the day that i get to spend wif ma homies shopping! (wat else) very timely indeed to celebrate my A! kehekhekehkeh. Even "You Know Who" said: wow dats my girl, im happy for you *delete word here*. well done! i was practically blushing to my roots! kehekhekhe he's so sweet *gushes*
Anyway i gotta run now...toodles. I'll save the juicy bits for tonight.