Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blessings in Disguise?

While i am lucky that i dont have to sit for exams,

It still reeks when i have to do assignments.

Not one, not two, but MANY in the months to come.

Which is why i am thinking about my well earned holiday this coming june.

There will be many hiatus-es in the coming months.

Especially now that all my courses are in FULL swing.

But alhamdullilah, two classes will end come April.

Right now i have a grammar test that is bugging me.

And whoever scheduled a test on a THURSDAY evening at 6.30-8.30pm seriously needs to be shot.

But the quote of this week (and many many moons to come)

will still be mr. R's question.

Girls have pubic hair???

Needless to say we were greatly humoured.

We still love you nonetheless.



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Totally Perplexed

It feels great to have gotten somewhere in my life.

I get to do the things i want.

I get to buy the things i want.

And yet i am never happy.

Sesungguhnyer manusia itu lemah.


Sunday, February 15, 2009


I spent the earlier part of the afternoon shopping for stuff at Ikea.

All planned purchases.

I had so desperately wanted to get a bigger and better shelving unit.

Thanks to the insane amount of books that i have PLUS all the notes that i accumulated over the last 5 months of 2008.

Thankfully and quite serendipitously, there was a sale that just commenced this week.

I had already planned to set aside $150-$200 on the shelving unit.

But with good fortune on my side, i managed to score a beautiful shelving unit at the marvellous price of SGD$29!!!!

Thanks to that, i even managed to score some OTHER items like hangers ($1 for a set of 5!)

*and bought 2 sets of those*

and a clock that cost me actually SGD$10 MORE than the shelving unit haha.

Plus! some magazine folders for SGD$5.

It's such a fabulous sale.

I wish i could have brought home another shelving unit though.

It was just too big to get into the car.

Oh well, i saved approximately $70 for NOT getting the other one.

So i only spent a grand total of SGD$69!!!!

I just could not believe my luck.

I'm soo pleased with my purchases.

Now that's what S*uze O*rman calls a savvy shopper.


p/s: thanks azimah and almie!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Grammarian I Am NOT!

At this point in time i would like to point out to you that i DO not in any way enjoy being mentally tortured for 2 hours at a time, being explained the GRAMMAR rules in detail.

Not to mention the gajillion instances where there are exceptions to almost EVERY other rule.

So the point of creating the rule is??????

I just simply CANNOT fathom this phenomenon.

Even more torturous is the fact that I've DONE Michael H*alliday's Functional Grammar.

A course that i ALMOST failed that semester had i NOT been conscientious enough and too haughty to engage in any form of help.


I practically have Nouns & Verbs oozing GUSHING out of my ears.

And might i add, I have a Grammar Test in about 2 weeks time.


Today we navigated through a maze of finite and non-finite verbs PLUS transitive and intransitive verbs.

Verbs are generally a pain in the arse.

Here are some words to help explain the kinds of feelings that washed over me in the span of that 2 hours:

1) clammi-ness
2) helplessness
3) nausea
4) irritability
5) annoyance

On a lighter note; i've finally done it.


So lets hope i'll be committed this time round.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mind Numbing.

How would YOU feel about sitting for 4 hours of English lectures (most of which i've heard before in my undergrad days)

After having to stomach 2 hours of a class on verb phrases.

And you wonder why i signed up for this torture right?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This is a public plea for help, anyone who took creative thinking classes in U*IA, pls kindly lend me your notes.

I have to come up with an Ed. Psych paper on creative thinking in the S*ingapore context.

Now THAT should be fun.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009