Sunday, February 15, 2009


I spent the earlier part of the afternoon shopping for stuff at Ikea.

All planned purchases.

I had so desperately wanted to get a bigger and better shelving unit.

Thanks to the insane amount of books that i have PLUS all the notes that i accumulated over the last 5 months of 2008.

Thankfully and quite serendipitously, there was a sale that just commenced this week.

I had already planned to set aside $150-$200 on the shelving unit.

But with good fortune on my side, i managed to score a beautiful shelving unit at the marvellous price of SGD$29!!!!

Thanks to that, i even managed to score some OTHER items like hangers ($1 for a set of 5!)

*and bought 2 sets of those*

and a clock that cost me actually SGD$10 MORE than the shelving unit haha.

Plus! some magazine folders for SGD$5.

It's such a fabulous sale.

I wish i could have brought home another shelving unit though.

It was just too big to get into the car.

Oh well, i saved approximately $70 for NOT getting the other one.

So i only spent a grand total of SGD$69!!!!

I just could not believe my luck.

I'm soo pleased with my purchases.

Now that's what S*uze O*rman calls a savvy shopper.


p/s: thanks azimah and almie!