Friday, February 13, 2009

Grammarian I Am NOT!

At this point in time i would like to point out to you that i DO not in any way enjoy being mentally tortured for 2 hours at a time, being explained the GRAMMAR rules in detail.

Not to mention the gajillion instances where there are exceptions to almost EVERY other rule.

So the point of creating the rule is??????

I just simply CANNOT fathom this phenomenon.

Even more torturous is the fact that I've DONE Michael H*alliday's Functional Grammar.

A course that i ALMOST failed that semester had i NOT been conscientious enough and too haughty to engage in any form of help.


I practically have Nouns & Verbs oozing GUSHING out of my ears.

And might i add, I have a Grammar Test in about 2 weeks time.


Today we navigated through a maze of finite and non-finite verbs PLUS transitive and intransitive verbs.

Verbs are generally a pain in the arse.

Here are some words to help explain the kinds of feelings that washed over me in the span of that 2 hours:

1) clammi-ness
2) helplessness
3) nausea
4) irritability
5) annoyance

On a lighter note; i've finally done it.


So lets hope i'll be committed this time round.