Monday, February 12, 2007

Psychologically manhandled.

People who know me really well will really know how my family dynamics work.

Huda knows this well, cos she seems to be the only one who is petrified by my mom.

My grandparents are psychologically trying to press me into staying in Malaysia.

They do this by offering to pay for my Master's degree.


Plus, my grandmother says that once i complete it then she will treat me to an all expenses paid trip.

Very tempting.

But i think NOT.

She is trying to psycho me into staying and working in Malaysia.

This is not the first time that i have been 'used' like this.

I am not going to be controlled like this again.

Both my grandparents have even been telling other members of my extended family that im furthering my studies.

What the hell are they trying to do?

This is not fair at all.

And she likes to play the trump card:

"Kalau Maryam anak yang solehah, tentu Maryam tak kecewakan nenek dengan atok."

Why is everyone trying to pressure me like this.


I dislike being the first grandchild on both sides too.

Too much pressure.

Have they forgotten that i have been born and bred in Singapore?

Nothing can change that.

My friends are there.

And most of my family members are there.

Save for my maternal grandparents.

I know why they're doing this.

They don't want me to be with him that's what.

I don't get it...

Don't they want me to be happy?


Saturday, February 10, 2007


What was supposed to be a 5 hour journey turned out to be 7 hours instead.

The bus that was scheduled at 1.30pm left early JUST as i arrived at the platform at 1pm.

I had to run from Pudu right up to the front of the Ancasa hotel to catch that bus.

As if the scare that i got in my EAP class wasn't enough.

By the time i reached singapore, my grandmother was much better.

In fact we proceeded with the bbq.

They started already.

I on the other hand was late. And famished.

I had bbq'd fish, otak-otak, salad.

However, the chicken completely escaped me.

And the whole family played charades.

I was in stitches as were the other members of my extended family.

My brother became the unsuspecting star of the whole show.

From acting out a peribahasa, he went on to 'puji-diri-dier-sendiri'.


"Aku handsome!" kata dier lah. I have no comment.

He actually acted it out a couple of times till we all said it in unison and said thank you perfunctorily.

My mom choked on her drink.

We all laughed till we almost peed in our pants.

After leaving the bbq pit, we headed back to my aunt's house for the final proceedings of the evening.

Our annual gift-exhange!

I love this family gathering the most. Heheheh.

I got a Liz Claiborne 'Fly Me To The Moon' cosmetic set.

Courtesy of my Maklang. Thank You!

My Maklong gave me a bag.A baby blue tote. I love the colour.

And all of us got 'hong bao's' a week in advance from my grandparents.

It wasn't just for the grandkids but also for my aunts and uncles.

Everyone was happy.

I love happy days like these.

Oh and my grandma dropped a bombshell on me.

I just don't know what to say.

I mean i love her to bits BUT she can be a bit pushy sometimes.

She even dangled a lovely carrot.

But unfortunately it isn't enticing enough.

I'm sorry.

But i just don't feel at home there.

I want to come back where i belong.



Allah please give me the strength i need. Amin


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dare I say it?

I feel like its been the longest week ever.

Classes skipped.

-nothing new-

Classes cancelled.

-a rarity these days-

Quizzes and tonnes of errands to run.

But the longest day HAD to be yesterday.

I went to Menara Maybank at the Pudu area to draw money to pay my tuition fees, then go to Pudu to buy CNY tix and also to accompany my very MAD friend to go and buy her Liverpool 'oldskool' zip-up sweater.

Which cost RM329.

From Pudu, me, Zaimah and Farhana walked all the way to BukitBintang in scorching HOT weather.

Go up and down BB plaza searching for the sweater.

Buying the size 'S' sweater for herself and then making an ass out of ourselves at KL sentral and getting pissed at the guy who served us cos it was the wrong size sweater.

Yes she didnt just buy the sweater for herself.

She also bought another one sized 'XL' for someone special as she calls it.

Secret lor.

How can I tell you?


So it was the wrong sweater so we made our way to KLCC to go to the Adidas store to get it.

At last, 'XL' was on the rack.

Mind you i left campus at 11am and this was at 4.30pm when we finally got the sweater.

And i had a big cock-up with my money withdrawal.

My father neglected to tell me that my mom cashed in a cheque the day before.

So i was at Menara Maybank having a fit.

THANKFULLY i was not arrested.

And i managed to get it all sorted when daddy called the maybank branch in singapore to have them clear the cheque.

So i did manage to withdraw the money after 2pm at the Bukit Bintang branch.

I had to withdraw RM4300.

A successive 3 times at the atm machine.

So we went from KL Sentral to KLCC with RM4300 in my bag.

I felt like a bank robber.

Oh don't think i left KLCC without anything.

I bought a pair of Gold Ipanema sandals.

From the Gisele Bundchen collection.

Pretty pretty sandals.

I must keep them stashed in KL for the time being.

My mom will KILL me if she sees a new pair of sandals from me.

Gonna retire to bed soon.

Have a 9am class tomorrow.

And i have to prep for LE 4000. Arrrgggghhh. Nothing done yet!


p.s. : remember mr. os. the bucktoothed malaysian comedian of yesteryear? i saw him on wednesday too. since hes a retired actor, he's now a taxi driver in the gombak area. hitch a ride with him if u see him there. :D

Saturday, February 03, 2007


I hear a buzz.

But its okay.

I dun really want to know.


I heard that someone really pulled off a great birthday surprise!

Congratulations Hayati.

Your taliban-like skills were really put to good use.

Hahaha...gua takleh tahan beb.

And to the belated birthday boy...

Happy Birthday Rock!!!

Sorry i couldn't be there to help pull off the surprise.

Babe, you salah sms my number lahhhh.

I wish i was there to see the look of pure surprise on his face.

I wish i was there to see the look of surprise on YOUR face when you bumped into the towel-wrapped face of hayati. heheheh.

Aaarrrggghhhh and i think THAT paper blew up in my face.

Wah piang.

It was damn hard for me ley.

By the way, thank YOU girls for livening up my wednesday night.

And a Happy 21st Birthday to Zhahirah! Dun do anything illegal tau!

Ole, ole, ole, ole!

Can't wait for the second leg of the match.

Oh, and we actually watched tv till the tv exploded.

That was a complete RIOT.

I am disappointed.

Disappointed that my family didn't inform me about the annual gift exhange earlier on.


Dunno what im gonna do yet.

But you'll find out next week.