Monday, February 12, 2007

Psychologically manhandled.

People who know me really well will really know how my family dynamics work.

Huda knows this well, cos she seems to be the only one who is petrified by my mom.

My grandparents are psychologically trying to press me into staying in Malaysia.

They do this by offering to pay for my Master's degree.


Plus, my grandmother says that once i complete it then she will treat me to an all expenses paid trip.

Very tempting.

But i think NOT.

She is trying to psycho me into staying and working in Malaysia.

This is not the first time that i have been 'used' like this.

I am not going to be controlled like this again.

Both my grandparents have even been telling other members of my extended family that im furthering my studies.

What the hell are they trying to do?

This is not fair at all.

And she likes to play the trump card:

"Kalau Maryam anak yang solehah, tentu Maryam tak kecewakan nenek dengan atok."

Why is everyone trying to pressure me like this.


I dislike being the first grandchild on both sides too.

Too much pressure.

Have they forgotten that i have been born and bred in Singapore?

Nothing can change that.

My friends are there.

And most of my family members are there.

Save for my maternal grandparents.

I know why they're doing this.

They don't want me to be with him that's what.

I don't get it...

Don't they want me to be happy?