Saturday, February 03, 2007


I hear a buzz.

But its okay.

I dun really want to know.


I heard that someone really pulled off a great birthday surprise!

Congratulations Hayati.

Your taliban-like skills were really put to good use.

Hahaha...gua takleh tahan beb.

And to the belated birthday boy...

Happy Birthday Rock!!!

Sorry i couldn't be there to help pull off the surprise.

Babe, you salah sms my number lahhhh.

I wish i was there to see the look of pure surprise on his face.

I wish i was there to see the look of surprise on YOUR face when you bumped into the towel-wrapped face of hayati. heheheh.

Aaarrrggghhhh and i think THAT paper blew up in my face.

Wah piang.

It was damn hard for me ley.

By the way, thank YOU girls for livening up my wednesday night.

And a Happy 21st Birthday to Zhahirah! Dun do anything illegal tau!

Ole, ole, ole, ole!

Can't wait for the second leg of the match.

Oh, and we actually watched tv till the tv exploded.

That was a complete RIOT.

I am disappointed.

Disappointed that my family didn't inform me about the annual gift exhange earlier on.


Dunno what im gonna do yet.

But you'll find out next week.