Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Whoever YOU are...

I know your heart was in the the right place but it didn't have to go so far as to leave him a comment or a message.

Especially on Friendster.

It was chivalrous but it kinda backfired.

Cos right now, im at the receiving end.

And YOU who have been so unkind in words, if YOU were so unhappy with what was said,

couldn't YOU have msged him YOURSELF and settle with him.

Why make me out to be the culprit?

Sorry, i forgot. You don't know how to work Friendster.

My bad.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mirror mirror on the Wall.

It has been a very LONG and trying week.

Least of all the trip that i took to KL.

I made it in one piece, although i was worried about my safety.

But alhamdullillah i reached UIA close to 6.30pm on wednesday and even managed to hit the pasar malam once more.

I went boggle eyed at all the DVDs.

I bought Transformers, License to Wed, Ocean's 13, 300, and of course Fantastic Four.

I didn't even wait to get home to watch the dvds.

The moment i settled into Suli's room, we flipped open her swanky laptop and watched License to Wed together with Za.

The clearance went very smoothly. Very unexpected. but im glad that it was over quickly.

Thanks to all my mates especially Suli and Dayah for putting me up in your rooms. Much appreciated.

At this point i can't wait to convo!

I mean it is the highlight of the whole journey of receiving your degree.

Wearing the gown...*unfortunately UIA has got not mortarboard. im kinda bummed*

I'm having a rush akin to a sugar high just by talking about it. :D

Anyway, im not bummed out about the whole issue that got me down the whole of last weekend.

I'm over it.

I mean if he's ready to move on then so be it.

If it really makes him happy, then i'll just be glad for him. *even if it kills me to say it*

Well then, whats with the title to today's post?

It's got to do with the mirror in my bathroom.

One of the clips decided to give way after 10 years of dutiful service.

So now, there isn't a mirror in the bathroom.

Which really strikes me as weird.

All you see on the wall is the wall behind which the mirror used to be placed.

I mean a bathroom MUST have a mirror!

Okay i can see some pple trying to make sense of what i just typed above. Haha.

Anyway, i would like to wish a certain Netty Ryanie Kamaruzaman, Selamat Pengantin Baru!You look gorgeous (as always!)

It was great being there at your wedding. The decor was great and the food was MARVELLOUS *even though i didn't get to try them all. but just looking at it already made my mouth water.*

It was nice to see a lot of old faces.

The ones from secondary school.

I never thought that we'd all grow up.

It seems only like yesterday that we were in school, attending the classes and sitting for the exams.

And one by one you're all getting married.

Its like one BIG wake up call after another.

In two weeks time Diana is getting married. And in October, Eliza.

Geez...korang semua pakat ke nak kawen tahun ni? Hehe

Like i said to Huda earlier today, i like that warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy.

Weddings I like!

In 2 weeks time, the 3 musketeers unite! Thank God.

For a moment it felt a bit weird NOT having Rock around.

Anyhow, its time for bed and im pooped!


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

This Sux.

I've been moping the past few days.

I don't know why.

Maybe its the PMS coupled with the SURPRISE that i found out on saturday.

I've been extremely moody and grumpy.

I guess the trip to KL tomorrow is coming at an apt time.

In the mean time, i'm mulling over tomorrow's interview...

*what to wear? what to say?*


Monday, July 16, 2007

The Ego Takes A Bruise.

I've been replaced.

And it HURTS like hell.



Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Since i've started to tutor, ive been pretty LAAAAZZZYYYYY.

But pls dun get me wrong hor.

I've done nothing other than housework.

And that itself just saps SO much energy.

-im starting to sound very much like a desperate housewife-

hey but everything's good. alhamdullillah.

my name is officially on the graduates list! *yeay-ness*

and i'll probably be heading over to KL next week to do my clearance.

plus i'll have my babe Azimah with me.

*Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee* shopping with Zimah will be crazy ;) kewl

The results didn't get me jumping up and down with joy.

But alhamdullillah i've passed. With a respectable grade.

Anyway, im gonna get off the pc now cos i have to get ready for tuition later in the evening.

-I'm missing you guys! Boo more teh ais :(


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hullo? Anybody there?

I know i havent been updating much. I've been busy. Yes...amidst all the chores.

I haven't really been watching tv. Only on weeknights do i get to catch up with my tv shows.

In the daytime its all chores.

Today has proved that i am kinda getting mixed up with all my schedules.

I've successfully gotten 2 tuition assignments and alhamdullillah, they're both in the north area (both ONE bus ride, save on my transport money hurhur)

I started on tuesday and i had another tuition session yesterday.

I THOUGHT i had another tuition session today in yishun.

I even ironed out all my clothes and my tudung and about 25 minutes ago, i checked my calendar and LO & BEHOLD

No tuition today.


Oh well...

Back to watching Emil Emilda on youtube.

This and other pictures can be found

the 3 lovely ladies *grins*
selamat "mengangkat sumpah" girls hehehe...