Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hullo? Anybody there?

I know i havent been updating much. I've been busy. Yes...amidst all the chores.

I haven't really been watching tv. Only on weeknights do i get to catch up with my tv shows.

In the daytime its all chores.

Today has proved that i am kinda getting mixed up with all my schedules.

I've successfully gotten 2 tuition assignments and alhamdullillah, they're both in the north area (both ONE bus ride, save on my transport money hurhur)

I started on tuesday and i had another tuition session yesterday.

I THOUGHT i had another tuition session today in yishun.

I even ironed out all my clothes and my tudung and about 25 minutes ago, i checked my calendar and LO & BEHOLD

No tuition today.


Oh well...

Back to watching Emil Emilda on youtube.

This and other pictures can be found

the 3 lovely ladies *grins*
selamat "mengangkat sumpah" girls hehehe...