Thursday, June 28, 2007


Because everyone else seems to not want to "halo" me, i guess this is for the best.

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So what have i been up to this past week.

I didn't really leave the house.

Although i did go to the pasar malam next to the yishun mrt station.

*i had a serious hankering for vadai* (p/s: it was REALLY good!)

What i've done this past week was:

1) do laundry (hanging & folding)

have i mentioned how much i HATE folding the clothes?

2) cook

3) clean the house, the room (and pretty much everything else that needs cleaning)

4) watch tv. (although i haven't gotten around to watch tv till it explodes, i'll make gd on my promise *winks to Nora*)

5) missing "someone" like crazy (NO, i haven't gotten over it yet.)

6)look for employment.

7) waiting for "THE" letter.

So yeah, that's most of it.

The good news is, i've already got 2 tuition assignments. *Yeay*

So that means some moolah so that's kinda pleasing to the pocket (esp. with the GST increase this SUNDAY)

Now that my grandmother is here for the weekend, i'll be accompanying her to her hospital and polyclinic appointments.

I can't wait to go to Sentosa next Monday! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


*note to self: I am NOT going to the Christina Concert. Boo hoo. :( *