Sunday, June 10, 2007

One for the road...

Just wanted to make another quick entry.

One more week here and i will officially be a graduate come 18th of June. (more like the 17th June after 11am. just to be precise haha.)

Thank you to all who have supported me through thick and thin.

If i have offended you in any way, please forgive me.

I don't think i'll be blogging until i get back to singapore that is.

2 more exams.

13th: Literary Theory and Criticism (3pm)

17th: Foreign Language for BENL (aka Arabic) (9am)

After that im home FREEE!

I plan to take the train back home.

It will be a solo journey.

Got lots of thinking to do.

*Although i probably think i will be thinking in my sleep*

Come the 18th i will be celebrating my new status with my family (and celebrating my cuzzin's 21st bday also)


One more week.

This will undoubtedly be the LONGEST week of them all.

Pray for me k guys.

Hugs, love and kisses