Saturday, June 09, 2007

My Word Of The Day...

Chili's (NOT k.a.n.t.o.i)

i love the decor and the menu too!

the look of pure concentration...

so many nice things to try....hmmm...should i try the monterey chicken

or should i try the country fried chicken???

this is the before pic.

this was ms. mourinho's

this was mine.

the chicken was fried perfectly. it was nice & tender.

the whipped potato was the best i've ever tasted in my whole entire life.

its creamy goodness would just send you to heaven and back again.

the corn.

oh. my. god.

no words can explain. i had never been a big fan of corn up until last friday.

the corn was steamed to perfection with the perfect blend of cajun spices and butter.

this was how the meal ended.

a perfect meal; with cherry on top.

which is why i looked so happy and content last friday evening.

thanks for the company ms. nore!

Chili's again when i come for clearance?

Yes please!


p/s: more pics coming your way!