Saturday, June 23, 2007

Just Beachy!

*hint hint* that was the bag for the matches the theme for the day!

that's another hint. the contrast between the green and the blue, i just love it!

I love being home!

there's another OBVIOUS was still early so there weren't that many pple around. the guys in the background were skimming on the waves.

I went to the beach; with my girlies!

from left: Shahidah, Azimah & Zakiah

Below are the gerls setting up...

that was our lunch for the day: azimah's famed mac and chicken salad! its yummy and always a crowd pleaser :D

i call this pic...windswept

We played this by the beach...

Monopoly; the Uniquely Singapore Edition

that's my token, the Merlion

shahidah the trishaw, zak the singapura Cat, Azimah the one with the flashy car and thats me at the end.

getting into the swing of things...

All those are my properties. But even that didn't stop me from going BANKRUPT!

At the end of over 4 hours of play, i was declared bankrupt after landing on som very pricey property.

What caused my demise... landing on expensive property with FOUR houses on it!
I owed like $20 000+++

Azimah owned the MOST expensive properties with 4 houses on each of the Blue strips!

Even after mortgaging my property, i still couldn't cover the rent!

All in all, Azimah was made the rightful winner.

She wiped me out DRY.
You know the expression "kering kontang"?

That was EXACTLY it.

After a long day at the beach (the weather was really² good! and really² windy!)

We packed up and left for home at 5.30pm

I really enjoyed the trip. I was practically squealing when i got to the beach. :D

Even though i lost, i still ended up with a smile on my face.