Thursday, July 27, 2006

Its been a long week...

Okay, so i didn't really get off to a good start this week. But i guess all's well now.

The love and me have come to compromise. Yes, the honeymoon is over and I'm going to have to work at it.

Compromise, that's what's gonna move us along.

So besides the relationship issues, there's been 2 assignments that were due this week. One on monday (the one which i TOTALLY forgot about the whole time i was in singapore) and then i rushed to complete it during the one hour break. I was hacking away at my laptop in the HS cafe.

Me and my complete selenger-ness

The second one, was the book review, the one that i was procrastinating on. I am terrible sometimes. But so far alhamdullillah, its been pretty manageable.

I already had a major presentation today. I thought me and Alia were going to nail it but unfortunately it blew up in our faces.

I guess that's what you get when you get a little over-confident.

Just a little okay.

I even sneaked a peek at Zak's lesson plan, but i guess i needed a little more help in that department.

So what happened during the presentation? She b.l.e.w us off. Okay maybe blew off was not the correct word to use but im still upset. She kept harping at it over and over again. I mean, cmon gimme a break, the first group didn't even H.A.V.E a lesson plan to begin with.

Needless to say i was kinda depressed after the lesson. And let me tell you, it does not help a single bit when you are PMS-ing.

So, i have 2 more assignments to hand in, in 2 weeks time. InsyaAllah it will be fine.

I have to mention that i got an interesting assignment by Prof. Quayum. He let us hand in 5 poems or a short story! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Of course im handing in a short story.

I S.U.C.K at poetry. If you could see the things i write. It makes no sense at all. So much for being the next John Donne. But if there were ever poetry that i could understand, it would be the metaphysical poetry. Excellent stuff.

So now there is the challenge of looking for a theme, the narrative, the characters that i plan to have in my short story. I hope all goes well. Pray for me.

Maryam the aspiring writer.

Sounds good.

This weekend i'll be spending some time with my maternal grandparents at N. Sembilan. It will be a wonderful change. Thank God.

I need some peace. No handphone ringing. Somewhere where no one can contact me (although i will still be talking to the parental units and the bf on the fixed line of course!)

So it'll be just me and the grandparents. And my lovely little Ika and Comel. I miss my two little "adopted" cousins!

This time im armed with a proper digicam so i'll snap away.


Monday, July 24, 2006

My favourite rule to break...

Rule number one: Never Procrastinate.

And often times its the first rule that i throw out the window.

Here i am, chained at my desk in my room, supposedly writing out a book review that's due for tomorrow, and i just lost it.

My second paragraph is crap, and i can't sit still.

I am going to throw myself out the window one of these days.

The love is mad at me for something that i really don't think i have anything to apologise for.

So why the hell do i feel so guilty?

The backstreet boys are crooning in my ear, and i watched like a whole 7 episodes of desperate housewives (season 2) on dvd. Thanks to Firah.

But somehow i feel crummy.

Did i tell you i went to the doctor's office over the weekend? I have a sore throat and a chesty cough. It sucks so bad to be under the weather.

And i feel like im coming down with a fever. My body feels a little warmer than usual. Even after my shower i had a couple of hours ago.


Oh, and to the jerk that made my weekend miserable, go to hell and rot there!

Why is it that he's out of life but still manages to make me miserable.

I wish i had gotten the chance to clobber his head.

Oh well.

Good times never last forever do they?

P/s: Happy Belated Birthday to Shahidah! The one who brought me and the love together. I wish you the best 22nd bday and i hope that whatever u wish for will come true! InsyaAllah!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Back where im supposed to be.

Its still a busy, busy week. What the hell was i thinking when i added all those courses!

I have to finish reading a novel by this week and write a book review this weekend for Malaysian & Singapore Literature. My first written assignment of the semester.

I have yet to check out the URL on the e-portfolio for the error & contrastive class and there's so much readings to be done!

Have mercy on me please.

I reached my hostel at 5am and had a class to attend at 9am. I'm surprised i was able to wake up that early.

Oh God i have an American Lit. class tomorrow. Readings, readings.

I am coming home this weekend. Yay!

I still can't believe im in this mess this semester.

Slowly but surely i guess.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

What The Hell...

I just watched Christina Aguilera perform her latest single "Ain't No Other Man But You".

I am blown away by just how powerful her voice is!

And she's so TINY! And i mean TINY! She's like an American size 2!

I wonder where she gets all that power to belt out a song like that!

She has just proven to me all over again how much i prefer her over Britney.

Britney can't sing for NUTS.

What she does best is...getting pregnant! Harhar.

I'll be going back tonight. Boo-hoo. I can't bear leaving the love now.

Now im having separation anxiety!

Can i come back next week??? Pls?


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Preview of pics

Nice pics arent they? Now, to get them into fotopages...

That'll probably take a little while too.


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Friday, July 14, 2006

Well Worth The Wait!

the Jules Rimet cup seen with Buffon and Cannavaro

Its been an exhilarating week so far. With classes in full swing. You won't believe the kind of packed schedule i'll be facing this semester. I'm almost sorry for having my bf to put up with me.

Pls excuse me for the lack of updates. I've been really bz with class and I am currently internet-less these days. Although that may all change by next week when i sign up for the wireless service in my hostel.

I am EXCITED to announce (albeit a bit late) that ITALY have snatched the world cup from right underneath the Frenchmen's noses. I'm not sorry for Zidane at all. He deserved it. If he really were a world class player, then he would have just let the comments slide. He could have just shoved Materazzi back. Even i would approve. But that head butt? What were you thinking? Honestly, i think he caused the French to be lacklustre right after his dismissal. Too bad really.

Who cares when ITALY have won!

Totti hamming it up with the Cup

I also lost my voice for screaming at the top of my lungs during that high intensity game. I still sound hoarse.

I have also fallen in love with my department all over again. I knew I've always wanted to do english lang. and lit. As you go up the ladder in due course, you get all the wise lecturers. The ones that are so passionate about what they are lecturing about. That even when you're bored, you end up sitting up straight in class and you're all ears.

I'm sad that im going to be graduating soon.

No more late night soccer with the girls. No more renting the car to learn how to drive in the empty parking lot. No more late nights studying hard with the roomies. No more maggi noodles (thank God!) and no more listening to great lecturers.

Well there is something to be happy about.

The incompetent administration!

Good riddance!


Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Fruitful Day

I spent most of the day at Swissotel @ Raffles today attending my very first charity event hosted by PPIS.

Kudos to the organizing committee for making it a very memorable experience for me. The food was great, the entertainment even more so!

Did i mention there was Taufik Batisah? I noe that he is so passe these days but i still need my local dose of "taufik-ism".

Rahimah Rahim (senior) was there performing as well and R. Ismail too (although many didn't bat an eyelid while he performed). The kids performances were ADORABLE. Kids, anyhow they perform also they will still look adorable. Bah!

I even got to revisit old memories back at the old PPIS Playfair centre

-waaaayyyyy back then-

when mdm nadhirah koyakutty was my nursery teacher. she has fond memories of my class cos it was the 1st batch of students that she ever taught there. not to mention that she kept in contact with my mom. so she remembers me! i cant believe that my nursery teacher remembers me. must be eons and yonks ago!

I managed to get pics of her and my sis' kindergarten teachers. haiz. wat fond memories.

Pics will have to wait. My USB cable is has suddenly gone MIA.

But let me assure u, there were plenty.

And did i mention that i got to shake hands with the president's wife and talk to mdm halimah yaakob? Ahakz, the political activist in me has suddenly stirred.

Dr. Maliki Osman was also there, and even obliged with a song which he sang together with his wife. So sporting!

Right now i better catch some sleep if im to watch the match between germany and portugal.

Oh can i just mention that i am soooooo happy that italy have reached the finals!? Forza Azzurri!


Friday, July 07, 2006

Less than 2 days

The countdown has inevitably begun again.

Do i really have to go back to school!?

I was having such a blast these past 3 weeks.

Gonna miss the family. My bed. The pc. The TELEVISION!

I never get enough of the tv.

Somehow, im kinda excited about writing assignments and holing myself in the library again.

I must be MAD!

Can't Wait for the Finals in Berlin! Gonna watch it with all the girls and have a PARTY!


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Need I Say More?

I missed most of last night's match (unfortunately). The alarm i set went off but i slept through it.

I was awakened by the screams of GOAAAALLLL by my brother and father. Not to mention the other screams that followed by the tenants from the opposite block.

I woke up and screamed: Oh Shit!

Quickly went downstairs and i got to watch that fabulous goal by Del Piero. Top corner shot. Lehmann didn't have a chance!

Cannavaro did a wonderful job of intercepting that pass allowing Pirlo to follow up with a pass to Gilardino. His smart little tap to Del Piero gave Italy a convincing win against the German Giants.

All i can say is:

Can't wait for the Azzurri's to play in Berlin!


Saturday, July 01, 2006

As it stands...

After a dismal and disappointing performance at the last game with Australia, Italy have come back to show that they still have grit and are able to play the game without any dirty tricks.

Today's match just goes to show how fierce they want to win this year. I think so many pple have underestimated them that they have flown under the radar to reach the semi-finals.

My dark (italian) horses.

The match agst Ukraine, which is still underway as we speak, has shown that Italy are not JUST a highly defensive machine but are able to attack with panache.

Zambrotta came out of nowhere to put Italy on the scoreboard in the first half and worked hard to defend and extend their lead as well. This right-back came thundering all the way to the front and just struck gold. Amazing! Everyone didn't expect it really. His first World Cup goal which i bet he'll cherish forever.

Back in the second half, Italy had been looking to extend their lead and it couldnt have been more timely when they were awarded with a free kick taken by Totti and headed into the net by Luca Toni. Excellent stuff.I've been dying to see Toni score. He's just excellent in the previous matches, only to be luckless all those other times.

Later on in the second half, Toni scored again with a chance created by Zambrotta. These men are on fire tonight!

Worthy mentions go out to Pirlo, Cannavaro, Gattuso & Camoranesi ( the man with the most gorgeous hair in the World Cup to date!) and all the excellent saves made by Buffon. I don't think this would have been possible at all without his goalkeeping skills. He just proves to all the critics why he's the most expensive goalkeeper time and again.

So, all i have to say is:

Yeay, yeay...Italy menang! 3-0!


Nice or Not?

Love this collage.
I will post up the pics onto my fotopages.
Hopefully by tonight.

Photos are here

I will have a late night tonight.

Italy vs Ukraine later at 3am.
What a bugger.
So late.
Well...anything for my Azzurri.


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