Monday, July 24, 2006

My favourite rule to break...

Rule number one: Never Procrastinate.

And often times its the first rule that i throw out the window.

Here i am, chained at my desk in my room, supposedly writing out a book review that's due for tomorrow, and i just lost it.

My second paragraph is crap, and i can't sit still.

I am going to throw myself out the window one of these days.

The love is mad at me for something that i really don't think i have anything to apologise for.

So why the hell do i feel so guilty?

The backstreet boys are crooning in my ear, and i watched like a whole 7 episodes of desperate housewives (season 2) on dvd. Thanks to Firah.

But somehow i feel crummy.

Did i tell you i went to the doctor's office over the weekend? I have a sore throat and a chesty cough. It sucks so bad to be under the weather.

And i feel like im coming down with a fever. My body feels a little warmer than usual. Even after my shower i had a couple of hours ago.


Oh, and to the jerk that made my weekend miserable, go to hell and rot there!

Why is it that he's out of life but still manages to make me miserable.

I wish i had gotten the chance to clobber his head.

Oh well.

Good times never last forever do they?

P/s: Happy Belated Birthday to Shahidah! The one who brought me and the love together. I wish you the best 22nd bday and i hope that whatever u wish for will come true! InsyaAllah!