Friday, July 14, 2006

Well Worth The Wait!

the Jules Rimet cup seen with Buffon and Cannavaro

Its been an exhilarating week so far. With classes in full swing. You won't believe the kind of packed schedule i'll be facing this semester. I'm almost sorry for having my bf to put up with me.

Pls excuse me for the lack of updates. I've been really bz with class and I am currently internet-less these days. Although that may all change by next week when i sign up for the wireless service in my hostel.

I am EXCITED to announce (albeit a bit late) that ITALY have snatched the world cup from right underneath the Frenchmen's noses. I'm not sorry for Zidane at all. He deserved it. If he really were a world class player, then he would have just let the comments slide. He could have just shoved Materazzi back. Even i would approve. But that head butt? What were you thinking? Honestly, i think he caused the French to be lacklustre right after his dismissal. Too bad really.

Who cares when ITALY have won!

Totti hamming it up with the Cup

I also lost my voice for screaming at the top of my lungs during that high intensity game. I still sound hoarse.

I have also fallen in love with my department all over again. I knew I've always wanted to do english lang. and lit. As you go up the ladder in due course, you get all the wise lecturers. The ones that are so passionate about what they are lecturing about. That even when you're bored, you end up sitting up straight in class and you're all ears.

I'm sad that im going to be graduating soon.

No more late night soccer with the girls. No more renting the car to learn how to drive in the empty parking lot. No more late nights studying hard with the roomies. No more maggi noodles (thank God!) and no more listening to great lecturers.

Well there is something to be happy about.

The incompetent administration!

Good riddance!