Saturday, July 01, 2006

As it stands...

After a dismal and disappointing performance at the last game with Australia, Italy have come back to show that they still have grit and are able to play the game without any dirty tricks.

Today's match just goes to show how fierce they want to win this year. I think so many pple have underestimated them that they have flown under the radar to reach the semi-finals.

My dark (italian) horses.

The match agst Ukraine, which is still underway as we speak, has shown that Italy are not JUST a highly defensive machine but are able to attack with panache.

Zambrotta came out of nowhere to put Italy on the scoreboard in the first half and worked hard to defend and extend their lead as well. This right-back came thundering all the way to the front and just struck gold. Amazing! Everyone didn't expect it really. His first World Cup goal which i bet he'll cherish forever.

Back in the second half, Italy had been looking to extend their lead and it couldnt have been more timely when they were awarded with a free kick taken by Totti and headed into the net by Luca Toni. Excellent stuff.I've been dying to see Toni score. He's just excellent in the previous matches, only to be luckless all those other times.

Later on in the second half, Toni scored again with a chance created by Zambrotta. These men are on fire tonight!

Worthy mentions go out to Pirlo, Cannavaro, Gattuso & Camoranesi ( the man with the most gorgeous hair in the World Cup to date!) and all the excellent saves made by Buffon. I don't think this would have been possible at all without his goalkeeping skills. He just proves to all the critics why he's the most expensive goalkeeper time and again.

So, all i have to say is:

Yeay, yeay...Italy menang! 3-0!